• 5.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by Richard H from Thornhill

    Before upgrading my 8-year old iMac to a new one I read the reviews for the latest Magic Keyboard. (I had thought of buying it as a portable keyboard to take along with my iPad.) Many of the reviews were quite negative, plus I do not like working on laptops. So, it was with a certain amount of trepidation that I fired up my new iMac and prepared to use the keyboard.

    To my surprise, I really like this keyboard. It's easier to use than the old Magic Keyboard: I don't have to keep a supply of batteries on hand and I can type faster on it. Did it take a little time to adjust to the different feel? Yes, but that's not unusual. (And, when I play the odd game like pinball, the board doesn't move around. I assume that, in part, is due to the lower elevation angle.) In addition, it doesn't weigh much and is ideal for toting around to use with my iPad.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    It's my cup of tea

    • Written by Fisher L from Lower Hutt

    Brought it yesterday, did a lot of research and in store testing ahead. It's feeling very similar to the New MacBook keyboard, key travel a bit longer than the New MacBook Pro though. Loved it, feels like I want to type with it. It's "clicky" a bit noisy, but really good feeling. it's a notebook size keyboard but it's still very decent, connectivity is good, easy to pair, nice looking. It's pricy, but in NewZealand there aren't many choices, keyboard designed for Apple are rare, and even more expensive than this one. Many complained that the angle and flatness of the keyboard, and it really depends on personal preferences. I recommend buyers try it out at any store that has a iMac displayed, try to type a bit and then decided whether to buy or not.

    Please bare in mind, that apple's stuff are sealed and un-repackable, in NZ, you open it, you own it. So try it out first.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Total waste of money

    • Written by Valarie H from Coventry

    I have owned my magic keyboad just over a year and I have to say it was a total waste of money. The keys keep falling off on a regular basis. The last time this happended on the ( N Key) and when I went to clip it back on the plastic clip broke. I have now superglued it on along with the other keys that keep falling off. I will sell it on to a pawn broker and I will use my old windows XP keyboard, these last forever. Take my advice and don't buy one like I did ( in my opinion these keyboards are poorly made and a waste of money).

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Magic Keyboard? Where´s the magic?

    • Written by Waldo L from Miami

    How does a $99 "magic" keyboard does NOT have backlit keys??????????? How am I supposed to use this in the dark of my room while my wife sleeps and I can´t turn on a light to avoid bothering her...how am I supposed to code in the darK? What´s the magic ah? the bluethooth thing? A technology that was initiated in 1989 called short link radio technology, so am I paying $99 for a keyboard that uses a tech of 1989 and has no backlit keys? This should be sold for FREE!

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Arrow keys are different than all other mac keyboards, sorry power-users

    • Written by James S from Somerville

    The short travel and sturdy nature of this keyboard is great, but then I find myself switching back over and over to my older apple keyboards because the arrow keys are different shaped than my macbook pro, macbook air, and all other mac keyboards.

    This is probably only an issue for developers or Excel wizards who rely on the keyboard's arrow keys. When you go to change cells in Excel or move 3 lines left in excel... do you look at the keyboard to find that key and then press it? Or, do you move your right hand down to the shift key and then your fingers find the dead space before the left/right arrows so you know where the arrow keys are, then you press the right now?

    On this keyboard, the left and right arrow keys are large, not like the small ones on the macbook pro, macbook air, or other mac keyboards. It means that you have a hard time telling (without looking) that your fingers are on the up or the down key, since there is no dead space between them.

    Shame, since it's an expensive keyboard that has so much right, then they FOR SOME REASON I DON'T UNDERSTAND, HAVE MOVED KEYS THAT ARE CRITICAL TO POWER USERS. :(

    Otherwise, this is a 6-star keyboard and is my favorite at everything else (rechargable battery, better power switch instead of button, lower travel, firmer support since it's flat on the desk, lower to desk so less wrist strain, quieter, etc.).

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    I love Apple.... BUT

    • Written by Leonard C from Tarneit

    I have a new iPad Pro. Very excited. I also got the pencil no a keyboard. iPad, great. Pencil, good but a weird end that could snap off easily. Not so good.Keyboard.....
    I had to return the first one to an Apple Store far away, it didn't work t all. The second one.
    Well, it is easy to snap to the iPad but the connection is terrible,I almost never can type with it on my knees, they told me it has to be on a flat surface.
    I did. It eventually connected and then I liked it.Then it didn't connect, then it did, then it didn't..... on and on.
    I have it in a stable table and it only connect correctly every third or fourth time. So frustrating.
    Then, to top it off, when I fold and close it it often will cause the iPad to go into a terrible cycling event. You can hear it flashing white a 'woomp, woomp' sound. Open and it's flashing manically.
    This is not good enough Apple. I want a better keyboard that works every time, or refund my money. Goodness knows, we pay through the teeth for Apple products anyway.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Very Disappointed - Arrow Keys too big

    • Written by rafael G from Wellington

    I love previous version, they were perfect the only thing they need was just a rechargeable battery via usb.
    When I started using this new version some things seems odd. The angle is different doesn't feel confortable to me. The keys are to bulky and spaced differently with so little space between them. It feels too odd. The last issue that makes me stop using it is the arrow keys which I use a lot. They are now bigger as regular keys and don't have any extra space. I usually place my finger in the empty space for resting and as a reference point for keys location. Thus, with these new arrows I got lost every time and keep hitting the arrows by mistake :/
    Last but not least, the new design with the base solid instead of just air as before makes a huge dittence as well. I used to grab te keyboard easily to moving it around and even just place my finger in the air space just to move/tap my finger when thinking or reading (maybe I'm not so quite person i know, but at the end make me more comfortable)
    I'm using the bigger version for now but I prefer the smaller keyboard.
    Please bring the previous version and just add the battery, PLEASE!!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    A Definite Improvement.

    • Written by Rina M from Edmonton

    I bought this keyboard along with the Magic Mouse 2. Before, I owned a cheap $40 third party keyboard and mouse combo for my Mac Mini in the previous year. Not only was I one of those people who were unwilling to pay money for the keyboard and mouse, but I was also told that using a simple $15 keyboard would be good enough. Well, a year later, I caved in and bought the Magic Keyboard. Since owning a MacBook Pro, for the last 8 years, getting used to the keyboard’s size and layout is not an issue. I actually like its small size. Not only does it look great with my Mac Mini, but the compact size means more space on my computer desk. No more having to replace batteries, since you can just plug into a USB port via lightning cable. Another thing about the magic keyboard: it is very responsive. The previous third party keyboard would either not register my inputs or misinterpret my keystrokes, so often it took me more than one attempt to type a specific input, like command+s. Even replacing batteries on the old keyboard did not solve this problem. An additional bonus with replacing my previous setup with the Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse 2 is that I get one of my USB ports back, since it automatically pairs with my mac. With the Magic Keyboard, it feels weird (in a good way) to actually have a device that works as intended!

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Hate this keyboard!

    • Written by Jessie W from Boyce

    I type really fast typically with relatively few typos. I've used this keyboard for over a year now. I often switch from my laptop keyboard to my cinema display with wireless keyboard and mouse setup. I code for 8+ hours a day and I cannot get used to this POS. The good: The metal frame is solid and the battery lasts a long time between charges. The HORRIBLE: The keys don't feel right. The keyboard is cramped compared to my macbook pro. It lays almost flat on the desk and if i am not 100% perfectly lined up with the keyboard my typos increase dramatically. This is due to the board not having any feel. There are basically no edges to touch and the distance in terms of key depression and distance are all wrong. The worst of the problems revolve around the terrible design of the arrow keys and the cramped command and control keys. I am writing this review now because i hate it so much that i stopped what i was coding out of frustration. I am totally distracted by this keyboard. Apple has basically out designed itself on this one.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    I love this keyboard

    • Written by Michael A from Oberlin

    While totally a matter of personal preference, I think the new keyboard is great. I prefer it to the old wireless keyboard and the keyboard on my MacBook Air and older (pre-retina) MacBook Pro. The keys feel less squishy and depress more evenly, they give a satisfying click when typed. I thought I'd be annoyed by the lower key travel, but quite the contrary—I quickly grew to like it. I also thought I'd be annoyed with the lack of elevation, but I find this more comfortable. It's more like typing on a laptop (which I've grown comfortable with), and I no longer see any reason for the keyboard to be elevated. Why should it be? Seems like one of those things we assume matters since every mediocre keyboard has some sort of elevation, but I have yet to hear a compelling argument for its being better.

    So: five stars.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by MICHAEL A M from Boerne

    This keyboard lies too flat to be functional. I can't find any way to make it comfortable without raising the back of the keyboard. How did Apple overlook the fact that people are different (remember "Think Different") and having some way to adjust the lie of a keyboard is a requirement not a convenience.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Triumph of design over function

    • Written by Ian D from East Gwillimbury

    Magic keyboard is as beautiful as it's useless. My typing rate was consistently lower and errors more frequent. Very shallow keys and most importantly keys are CLOSER to each other than on MacBooks. Hence instead of familiar finger movements one has to learn typing again. Kills productivity away.
    Secondly, no backlight.
    Thirdly - intermittently (but infrequently) looses pairing with iMac.

    I ended up returning new iMac 2017 which I liked - entirely due to poor keyboard and mouse experience after 3 days of struggle.
    Apple, if you listen - keyboard is a tool, not a toy.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Excellent item...

    • Written by Giancarlo F from Sgonico

    I love it... Just what I need.
    I use it with my iPad Pro and as external keyboard of my MacBook Pro.
    A most have.
    Long lasting battery.
    Very easy to switch from latin to Arabic.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by Michael F from Lakewood

    I never write reviews, but Apple needs to hear this and hopefully, they are listening.

    I have an "old" macbook pro (2013) and a new macbook pro (2017). Along with them, I have the external keyboards from the same time periods. The old one sits at home, the new one is my work computer. Every time I use my home mac (the old one), I can't believe how much more I like using it. These new keyboards are just terrible. The feel is just awful. They are loud and I've never may so many typos in my life. You just can't feel the keys. I've given these things 3 months of use now and I hate them more than ever.

    Please, apple, bring back spring loaded keys. Thin laptops are cool, but sacrificing functionality just to make them thin is terrible.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    good for a mobile keyboard

    • Written by Tom O from Vancouver

    I use a laptop for my main machine, but when I travel around I use an iPad Mini.

    I don't think I'd use this when I have my laptop setup with a desktop screen, I prefer something mechnical.

    However as a moible keyboarf for the iPad mini, this is really light weight and the typing experience is similar to my MacBook Pro

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Nice and compact

    • Written by Steve W from Walnut Creek

    I think this is a good choice if you like Apple keyboards and need something compact. I have a 2017 MacBook Pro and have been using a full-sized last-generation Apple keyboard for several years when at my desk; I got this little guy for ergonomic reasons, to reduce my reach to my mouse. Compared to the MBP and the full-sized keyboard, features fall somewhere in the middle. Key travel is slightly greater than on the MBP but not as much as the last-generation Apple keyboard. Key noise is somewhat less than the MBP, about the same as the big keyboard. Key surface is smoother than the last-gen Apple keyboards but not as smooth as the MBP. Personally I prefer the feel of the last generation keyboards but this isn't horrible! One review here complains about tiny key size however except for the bottom row,keys are the same size as the bigger keyboard (top row is actually larger), and larger than the MBP keyboard. My issues come with the bottom row, which has the same layout as the MBP keyboard. This puts the Fn key on the far left and the cursor keys at the right with the up and down keys half-height. The Fn key is in a more convenient position than the last-gen full-sized keyboard however I keep hitting it when I want the Control key! I don't have an issue with the half-height up and down keys on my MBP however on this one I have more trouble; I think it's because the inside edges are more beveled than on the MBP which leaves less surface available. Battery life on this keyboard is excellent. I have been using it for a week since the initial charge and it still shows 96% charge!

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Apple keyboards get worse and worse with each new design

    • Written by Russell F C from London

    The keyboard in Apple's series of designs is one aspect where form takes precedence over functionality to the detriment of productivity. It is utterly useless if you have ever typed on a real keyboard. There is nothing magic about this keyboard. It is more 'Mickey Mouse' of a keyboard. It looks nice with your gleaming Mac. But that's about it. Every second character will be the wrong one typed and you will find yourself constantly having to correct what previously transferred from the keyboard to your screen like magic. Perhaps Apple felt the need to emphasise what is lost with this new keyboard - the 'magic' of typing. Typing with this keyboard is nothing but a painful chore. I am thinking of replacing it with something more functional and perhaps framing this one to hang on my wall as an interesting example of design freakery run amok.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Love it but arrow keys is a miss

    • Written by Bill S from Millbrae

    Bought it because I am too used to the key travel of my new MacBook Pro. This keyboard gives me more consistent experience across office and on-the-go setup. The battery last forever and bluetooth connects instantly to my laptop!

    I like it in general. But I think Apple should fix these issues:

    * Keys are slightly smaller than MBP's keyboard
    * Can't distinguish up/down/left/right arrow keys when you touch type

  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Really like this wireless keyboard

    • Written by Josh D from Kitchener

    Hi just replaced my 2012 Mac with the new 2017, and thought about getting the full-sized keyboard. I went with the wireless, and it's great. I like the feel of the keys, and do not miss the extra baggage on the right side. As for one item that I am trying to get used to, it's the delete key. I often used the second delete key, but recently found out I can fn+delete and it works fine. Actually one more item that I am trying to work through is the direction arrows for the cursor control. I find these small and it's taking a bit of time to use, but not a big deal.
    I would recommend this keyboard, and feel it's on-par with other Apple peripherals.

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Love it....... but took awhile

    • Written by Kurt T from Roseville

    When I first bought this product I thought my hands were too big for it and I was missing my "Microsoft/larger" Keyboard. BUT.......took me a week or two to get used to not needing to have such travel for my hands and fingers. Now I love it and since I move my hands less, pain in my wrists from other larger keyboards has disappeared. I love the product, just took time to adjust to it.

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