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    Works perfectly with the Smart Keyboard and Smart Cover

    • Written by Jennifer J from White Bear Lake

    I was never a fan of the leather cases because everyone else I knew had them on their iPads and they all became horribly discolored within the first 6 months of use. I bought my dad the $80 brown leather case for his first iPad Air and by the end of that year, it looked filthy despite only being gently used in his home. I got hooked on the silicone cases with the iPhone 6 Plus because it was very soft to the touch and very easy to keep clean, even the white one.

    I ordered the pink silicone case for my 9.7" Rose Gold iPad Pro and it's beautiful. It's very soft inside and out, so it's a pleasure to hold and I have no worries about it scratching my iPad in any way. It has a nice raised lip to protect the iPad screen from coming into contact with surfaces and the Smart Cover fits into it perfectly for complete protection. The camera is also well protected and will not make contact with any flat surface you place it on despite it protruding quite a bit from the back of the iPad Pro. The case overall is very thin and extremely lightweight. It's semi-rigid but pliable enough that it's easy to take on and off if you need to. I've had perfectly pristine iPads get scratched by their "protective cases" while trying to put them on or take them off so I love how smooth and simple this case is in that respect. There's not a sharp edge anywhere on it.

    It makes a great addition to the Smart Keyboard as well. I chose to pick up both the Smart Cover and Smart Keyboard because the Smart Keyboard does add a bit of bulk that I may choose not to carry around if I'm traveling for leisure. Both work perfectly with this case. My only gripe is the price, and I don't really think it's fair to dock a star for the price because I knew what it cost when I decided to buy it. I love this case and all the new colors. Mixing and matching with different Smart Cover colors is a great way to personalize when everyone has an iPad!

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