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    Purchased this with my Hermès 38mm Apple Watch. I have small wrists, so this was perfect as I don’t like to have watches sit near my joint. I wear mine just above the ulnar styloid (small bone on outside of wrist) at the smallest hole. The leather has become soft, holds its shape, and still beautiful as ever. I own in noir and etoupe as well.
    I am 64” and wrist circumference is 5.75 in or 150 mm
    Hope this helps!

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    So Beautiful, yet SOOO SMALL and too small for me.

    Apple and Hermes, please check out the average woman! She is 5'5" and her wrist is 6 1/4 to 6 1/2" . A 6 1/2"wrist is 165mm and this band will only fit up to a 160mm wrist. Since I am 5'7" and have a 6 3/4" or 171mm wrist, all the fancy fashionable Hermes bands do not fit. The only Hermes band that does fit is the single tour which fits up to a 180mm wrist and is obviously unisex. Handsome but plain.

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