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    Rubbish. Far to fragile.

    Had my iPhone 8 around a week and this has already broken. What seems to have happened is an internal wire has broken and now only has a partial conection. I am guessing this happened when it was in my pocket and it flexed. Well I'm sorry, but thats where you keep headphones for your phone. Never had a pair of headphones do that, so it is either poorly designed or poorly built. Luckily this is my work phone so not a massive problem, but if I had paid for it I would be hugely unhappy about having to buy another one at £9 a go for such a poor bit of design.

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    Not stoked.

    Mine broke too :-(

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    absolutely awful DISGUSTING

    Apple needs to improve their products. The first one broke and after 2 days of the second one I bought, the first time i used it all I could hear was static music and cracking. DO NOT BUY. Music quality is more like an out of tune radio. At least the radio is reliable. Read other opinions and you will find the same thing as me

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    Cheap... Honestly expected better from Apple

    Since upgrading to my iPhone 7, I love the phone but hate that every 2-3 months I am replacing the adapter for my headphones. I don't even do extreme sports or get the cord wet, I walk to and from work... THATS IT. It cannot even handle everyday activities. My advice to anyone looking to upgrade to the latest IPhone models is to be prepared to drop another few hundread on Bluetooth headphones because I could have bought new Beats by Dre with the amount of money I've wasted on these garbage adapters.

    Apple come on, I've used your products for 10 YEARS and this is a huge disappointment in your product line.

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    I read some of the other reviews before I purchased this lightning to headphone jack adapter as I have a nice pair of Bose headphones I was hoping to use. Some of the reviews said that it didn't work with the in-line mic or volume controls so I was thinking how I would get this to work. I even spoke with the guy at the computer store and he said that it wouldn't work with the remote controls, which would be a pain as I love to listen to podcasts and music on the go. Imagine my surprise when I plugged in my Bose headphones and clicked on the volume control and it worked! Then I tested the mic to ask Siri something and it worked too! I won't have to buy Bluetooth headphones or some sort of Bluetooth adapter thing either to get them to work. I think though, your headphones might have to have the official 'works with iPhone' on it to work, but I'm not sure. Anyway, before you decide not to buy, this might actually do the trick. I purchased the item yesterday (Aug. 14, 2018) so perhaps Apple has changed the product from the one they introduced when the iPhone 7 came out, but I can tell you with confidence it works with at least one set of headphones I've tried. Now to try the other ones. I'm happy with the purchase. Thanks.

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    As fragile as they say

    I love my Klipsch ear buds, so when I bought the iPhone X 6 weeks ago, I bought this adapter. Today the audio started crackling and cutting in and out. I even tried a newer pair of ear buds I have with the same result. So today I bought 2 replacements, because obviously this is not a very robust item. Seriously, Apple?

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    Awful - this is probably my last iPhone

    I was not a fan when I heard about the lightning only jack in the beginning. Eventually, I decided to try a new phone and couldn’t quite switch to Android or Google. I have given this at least 6 months. It really was a horrible idea, horrible integration and horrible practically speaking. I will almost certainly be switching soon

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    Really low quality piece of plastic

    After couple of months I can only hear the right channel and my $500 headphones are now wortless until I buy a new onw. Really disapointing.

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    Super awesome I love it

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    broke in a week

    garbage ... just got my phone and the jack adapter already broke in a week .. A WEEK i’ve had this phone ...this is really dissapointing

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    Short durability

    I’ve gone through at least 9 of these, ordered one last week & only lasted up until today.

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    If I could give it a rating of ZERO I would! The absolute WORST Idea Apple has EVER come up with. The fact that I NEED this adapter to listen to music is ridiculous. I lose things easily and the fact that this adapter is so small doesn’t make holding on to it any easier. Another thing, my one friends’ car does not have Bluetooth, so unless I have the adapter we can’t listen to the music on my phone. Imagine all the people who have iPhones but don’t not have Bluetooth in their car and lose their adapter. Smh so inconsiderate. A lot of us young people don’t have money to just blow on extra accessories just to listen to iPod and charge at the same time. Also the fact that Apple has created Bluetooth headphones thinking that they have probably created a solution is even more ridiculous. Not because of the price, but because they’re so small I wouldn’t be surprised if I ended up losing them one day too. Moral of the story : this is the worst idea Apple has ever come up with. They need to go back to having a headphone jack in the phone. TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE!!!

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    The lack of headphone jack is a huge downgrade

    I held off buying a new iPhone for 3 years because of the lack of headphone jack. Now I’ve upgraded (or downgraded depending on how you look at it) to an iPhone 8. I’ve had it for 2 months. Having to use this flimsy adapter is totally ridiculous. I can’t charge my phone while I use the adapter and it’s the thinnest weakest wire I’ve ever encountered. It’s like a bad joke on Apples part. I don’t want to move over to Bluetooth because I would have to charge it up every day + I would have to have Bluetooth set to “On” on my iPhone (draining my phone battery even more than normal). Ridiculous and this adapter is rubbish.

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    Have to run now without music because Apple forced us to put an unnecessary cord between my headphones and the phone. So we would have to buy them and they can make more money...Mine has bent because one of my dancers stepped on it in class, so I suppose I will also be teaching dance in silence now. I have no access to an Apple store and I am in the middle of moving so I don’t want to ship anything until I get to my new place. I am livid. This problem was created for me by the same people I have trusted and supported for years. I have two Apple computers and have used Apple phones exclusively since I started using smart phones. Thanks for taking advantage of me, Apple. That’s how I feel.

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    Stupid headphone adapter!

    Steve Jobs must be rolling in his grave. I have never been so angry at Apple in my life. I have been a devout Apple product user for over a decade. I will definitely be switching over to android with my next phone and tablet purchases. The headphone adapter is driving me nuts. It keeps breaking and disabled my headphone ability. Just another liability and I’m fed up. I am starting to hate Apple.

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    Poor solution

    Just received this and plugged in my B&O H3's into them and it keeps cutting out and back in every second, very sloppy solution to the removal of the headphone jack. First time I'm dissatisfied with an Apple product.

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    Loved the adapter! Very good always worked and never broke!

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    These are not made to last

    Ever since purchasing my iPhone 7 plus, I've had to buy a total of three of these adapters every 6-7 months. I really wish they would provide more than just this single solution to be able to use headphones on the newer iPhone models, that would last longer than ~1000 hours of use.

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    Rubbish adapter

    I purchased a replacement one under a year ago and it’s already causing problems.
    When watching something with the headphones connected it suddenly fast forwards, tops the video , moves onto another one or simply starts playing music

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    Pointless and annoying

    Absolutely hate these little things. Easy to break and exceptionally easy to lose. Really wish I’d never bought the iPhone 8 as the lack of headphone jack is very annoying. At £9 a go the adapters are overpriced rubbish.

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