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    Want apple to bring back megasafe...........one of the finest invention of the apple...

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    Negative reviews

    With all these negative reviews about the C-Power adapter in which I totally agree with however I am surprised that Apple has not replied to any of them or acknowledged that it is a problem.

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    Works well

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    I'm loosing it with Apple.
    1) NO CABLE INCLUDED. I had to go back to the shop the next day. And I couldn't recharge when I needed it the most. SHAME ON YOU APPLE. AND THE BOX OF COURSE DID NOT WARN YOU.
    2) NO CABLE MANAGEMENT. You can tell the company has lost it's head of design. You can really tell.
    3) NO MAGSAFE. Back to "ruin your laptop if you pull the cable". You can tell the company has lost it's head of design. You can really tell.
    4) NO LED. is it working?? You can't tell. But, you can tell the company has lost it's head of design. You can really tell.

    But wait, the price went up!!! YOU GET LESS FOR MORE!!!!

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    Once upon a time...

    Once upon a time Apple made charger connectors that you had to plug into your laptop. The problem was when your dog, your kid, or you tripped on the cord, your laptop went crashing to the floor. Then some bright spark at Apple designed a magnetic plug that immediately became unplugged from your computer......your dog, your kid, or you tripped on the cord. Now, it appears that Apple no longer has bright sparks - just dull ones who don't know any history.

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    Too big and heavy for something that is supposed to be ultra-portable... and frankly annoying that Apple changes their chargers all the time..The previous version was better.

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    stopped working during warranty

    It stopped working during warranty and I did not figure out a way to lookup the SN...bad quality product!

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    I never want to buy a Mac again because of their stupid chargers!

    I love Mac’s but I have had five chargers over the lifetime of my computer and they are so expensive! The construction seems to be purposely fragile and now I’ve had to get two - one for home and one for work for the same supposedly portable laptop. Add to this the ‘service’ I got at the Adelaide, Australia Apple store from Matt who said he was the manager and intimated that I was lying about how many chargers I’ve had... Well you get the picture. Luckily when I rang AppleCare they were quick to respond and sent me a new charger free of charge. Apple could improve the design by making the cable more robust. Instead they’ve separated the parts and made them even more expensive. Hmmm time for a Samsung?

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    too big, too heavy

    This product is way too heavy and too big for a laptop. Having bought a Macbook Pro only for the 1 TB storage, not available for Macbook Air (which I loved), I was assured that the weight was virtually the same. But no one factored in the charger which is almost twice as heavy and as big as the one for Macbook Air. And I too, like so many other comments, miss the Magsafe, which not only protected the Macbook by its easy detachability but also lit up to show you whether it was charging (red) or fully charged (green). What was Apple thinking (and don't get me started on the dongles)

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    Gotta Love Progress

    I'm not sure if the other reviews are about this same product. But I find this power adapter no different than my previous MacPro adapters. No less convenient in any way. And the earlier 110V power extension cords are forward compatible with this one. The charger works like any other... just fine.

    I understand that technology has moved forward to the USB type C adapter. It is more efficient and now carries both data and power in a single cable. I'm all for it. Formerly we had two cables to connect the laptop; power and data i.e. two separate cords. I've purchased a couple USB C to Lightning adapters to plug into my new cords and they have become quite flexible. They are cheap and they allow for plenty of flexibility.

    Consumers are carrying a greater share of the cost to do this, for sure. But, if a consumer wants top-of-the-line products... they'll have to pay for it. Or they can wait until bottom tier machines are available. I prefer to buy leading technology and don't expect to step into the best there is cheaply. A few new cords and cables are actually peanuts compared the price of a new MacPro anyway. So why all the noise?!

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    Missed opportunities

    It's the charger that comes with your MBP and will be the one you will use. There is not much the chargers so it comes down to the details. In the past that included mag-safe and the ability to wrap the cable around it easily. Both of those features have been lost which is unfortunate. While I understand magsafe being removed from the laptops because of usb-c, they could have added magsafe to the charger but did not. Would also love to see one with two usb-c ports for charging ones laptop and iPhone at full speed rather than carrying this and the 30w usb-c charger.

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    Innovation Lost

    I have been inspired by Apple's design for many years. I always love the simplicity and functionality of their products. Finally we are beginning to sense the impact from the passing of Steve. They used have great and quality designs that came with a high price. Now it is just high prices. This charger and its cable/laptop interface are indicative of their lost innovative philosophy and end-user intuition. I am starting to sense that their greed is put ahead of their original corporate culture created by Jobs. Their high prices used to be caused by their dare-devil engineering and obsession with innovative materials. Now the high prices are simply driven by greed .They need to fire the design team for this failed design. Shame on Tim Cook for taking this path. I am a long-time Apple stockholder and supporter. I think the company is losing its magic and mission.

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    Its Great!

    I prefer this charger than my previous MacBook Pro charger because I no longer need to buy a whole new charger when the cord becomes damaged. This is better for the environment and my wallet because I no longer need to deal with the hassle of disposing of a damaged charger or having to buy a whole new one just because the cord became damaged. In addition to this it's extremely easy compared to the older models to travel with. I also think apple should've done this a long time ago, because this could've worked with the magsafe chargers as well.

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    Doesn't even work out of the box

    I always like Apple products because they simply worked. This charger does not work because I did not buy all the cables that used to be inclued at the same price. Since when does a SMPS cost over $120?

    For compatibility, its a joke. know they've removed my MagSafe adapter. I have several MagSafe adapters with no way to convert to USB-C. It's not like Apple doesn't want me to buy dongles. Why can't I use my perfectly good MagSafe plugs that I have strategically placed over my house.

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    "Well never again!", Steve Jobs re. fragile and dangerous power connectors.

    Steve Jobs would never have allowed Apple to regress backwards to a less safe and more annoying, fidgety power connector. No excuse for it. If anything, ALL notebook connectors should have been upgraded to magnetic safety features, not made even more fragile like we have now. Seriously upsetting. Oh and, my power brick also died after just two weeks use. This isn't about that, though. It got replaced promptly, after all.

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    Hard to believe I am writing a negative review of a power adapter... good going Apple. I have 3 macbook pros and one of them is now a new 13 retina that came with a laptop refresh at work. Now I am carrying dongles everywhere. I paid $70 for the adapter and another $40 for the USB-C cable. Really? 40 for a wire? Oh and now I need another $70 adapter to be able to plug into any peripheral device like a monitor or other USB device, including charging my iPhone or Apple watch. And as others have mentioned this is a big step backwards from the awesome magsafe connector. My computer has been saved countless times from an accident due to that innovation. Really disappointed with this product.

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    Bad Quality and overpriced

    I miss the magnetic cable but the most important part is that if you loose your charger you may have to get this item and also an USB-C to USB-C cable (compatible w/ apple devices), that's more than 100$ in totality juste for a bad cable which will bake itself very fastly and a 61w mural adapter without the extension cable.

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    Solid product, but ...

    This is a step backward that substantially decreases our trust in Apple and our everyday usage experience. The lack of a safe connection, charging-status light, and wings to spool the cable are more than annoying. And they are inexplicable. It is easy to surmise that it is only for the money, but while that might explain the need to pay separately for cables and extensions, it does not explain the step backwards.

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    What were you thinking

    This has to be my biggest disappointment with Apple ever. With these new Macs firstly I have lost MagSafe which was one of the best features of Apple but then the price hits you. My to replace my old charger was $109 AUD which is pricey but hey you need it, now it is $157AUD as I need to buy 3 items to complete my charger!!!!!! Even the one out of the box doesn't come with the extension cable which made the charger useful for when you were out and about. Seriously need to rethink the pricing on this Apple.

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    1 step forward, 4 steps back

    On the positive, glad to have the utility of USB type-C, but why does my iPhone X still have lightning?!?!

    I've been using Magsafe power adapters for 5+ years, so was surprised and disappointed by the following:
    1. No clever disconnect, just waiting to yank my Macbook on to the ground.
    2. No charge status indicator so left to booting up the Macbook to see the status.
    3. Cable wraps have inexplicably been removed.
    4. USB type-C cable not even included, really?!?!

    None of these are show stoppers, but makes one wonder if Apple Product Owners and Engineers did not value the previous features.

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