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    Poor Quality

    I have been using the Beats Solo3 Wireless for just a little bit over a year now but suddenly the bluetooth connection to my left speaker has completely cut out, both speakers still work but when connected to bluetooth only the right speaker is working. I am disappointed in the quality of the headphones and am now being charged $130 to fix a pair of headphones that I got for $200 when they were on sale. I have been using apple products for quite a while now and it disappoints me to have had such a poor experience with these pair of headphones.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Decent, not for the price.

    Relatively comfortable, pretty great battery life, sound is relatively balanced across the whole spectrum. Pairing with iOS devices is extremely simple which is probably the best feature. Now that I have gotten the positives out of the way: the build quality of the headphones is just okay. The bar that goes across the top feels rather rigid, move it too much in one direction and it makes cracking noises. The buttons on the headphone don't respond very well and need to be pushed hard.

    Probably my biggest complaint however is that they shut down very quickly in cold weather. I live in Boston, and want to make clear to people that live in cold climates such as the Northeast that when it is 32 F out they shut off after 15 min. When its as cold as 10 F they shut down in 5 min. I have another pair of headphones that will stay powered on my whole 35 min walk to work in 5 degree weather so I know that this is not an unrealistic expectation.

    The reason for 2 stars is that these are definitely a 3 star headphone in that when they work they work reasonably well. However considering the price point of $300, these are easily a 2 star product.

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    It was poor quality and still poor quality

    I have the first generation of solo's and they were very unconfortable and It has not improve at all, they still the same and nowwhat is worse bad sound I am going to return them and buy a different brand of headphones, I think since apple bought the company, the quality complettly decrease and the price still very high for the quality, Fire the people in charge, This is an insult to customers.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    What a lovely pair of headphones!

    I recently purchased the Matt Black Solo 3 wireless headphones (personally the best colour in my eyes) and have grown to love them more and more each day. They are very functional and extremely pleasing to look at. The battery life is amazing and I have not had to re-charge the headphones since its first charge 4 days ago! I mainly use the headphones whilst studying (listening to podcasts), watching films and listening to music and using the gym. I have found the beats very easy to use, comfortable and subtle accents really emphasises the thought gone into to creating such an amazing product. This was a recent upgrade for me having owned the Beats Solo HD on-ear headphones which I purchased three years ago. I would not hesitate to recommend this product to my family and friends.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Beat Solo 3 On-Ear Heaphones Asphalt Gray Review

    This is by far the most uncomfortable pair of headphones that I have ever owned. I cannot stand wearing them after 20ish minutes. I have to take a break because my ears start to ache. My Fiancee also complained that they are uncomfortable even though she doesn't wear glasses and her head is much smaller than mine. aside from how uncomfortable they are, they do sound very nice and look nice too. build quality is okay.

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    Horrendous Build Quality - Poor Sound

    I hate to leave a bad review here but I want to provide honest and truthful feedback. I am an Apple fanatic and own practically every new and old piece of Apple tech from the very first iPhone to the new iPhone X. Needless to say I enjoy Apple products and tend to believe they are of good quality, but these Beats Solo headphone are NOT typical of Apple quality or reliability.

    I've owned every Beats Solo Headphones ever released (wired and wireless) from solo 1-3 and EVERY single one of them eventually will have a problem. Whether it's the cheap material around the earcup ripping away in the first year, to the sound going out completely in the second year, this is a poorly made product. The problem is these headphones only carry a 1 year warranty and unless you have a copy of the receipt Apple will generally assume the headphones are out of warranty. I purchased the Solo 3 at a discount due to my corporate discount and the earcup material is already starting to rip.

    Stay away from these headphones and by all means do not buy these for kids because they will fall apart within months.

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