• 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Luxurious Sleeve with Great Fit

    I am using the Apple Leather Sleeve in conjunction with the IPP and SC. The Pencil holder is well executed. Leather quality is great. The fit with the Leather SC is snug, but not overly snug. I found the fit without the SC to be too loose for my taste. I tried the sleeve with the IPP and the ASK to be way too snug for my taste. Using the sleeve in junjunction with the SC seemed just right. I use the sleeve at home to store my iPad and thus, to protect the back from scratches when setting it down. When my IPP needs charging, I place the IPP, in the sleeve, lightening port side up. When the iPad is out of the house, I put the sleeve into my shoulder bag, specifically designed for the iPad. I highly recommend the sleeve.

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    Elegant but pricey

    As most have mentioned, the sleeve itself does not seem to warrant a 150 dollar price tag but time will tell whether the quality of of the sleeve deserves it. First impression of it was excellent. The texture of the leather is soft and buttery smooth. It reminded me almost of velvet. Accessing and removing the Apple Pencil is easy but you must get into the habit of pulling it out with the stem and not the end cap. The iPad Pro along with the Smart Cover fitted snugly into the sleeve. I do hope it stretches a more to accommodate a future release silicon back case/cover similar to the first generation iPad Pro. Overall, I am satisfied with the purchase.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    I just received this sleeve. It's beautifully made and fits my iPad with the keyboard attached.

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    Give iPad users a proper case

    This is useless for practical purposes a case is actually needed for. This thing is for storage and transportation during non-use only. How about a proper case like the previous model had, but in leather?

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    I wasn't sure if this product would be worth the money but the moment I felt it I knew it was. This is undeniably the best leather product Apple has ever done. It is truly beautiful to look at and feel.

    I was also happy to see that the Smart Cover and Smart Keyboard both fit with the iPad when attached. Although it is a little tight at first, since this is a leather product I expect it will stretch to the perfect fit over time.

    Finally, I love the Apple Pencil holder. It's more than just a sleeve; it actually fits into the sleeve in a way that will prevent it from slipping out even if the sleeve is held upside down.

    Truly one of the best Apple cases for iPad I have ever had the pleasure of owning.

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