• 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Best band i ever purchased

    Def the best band i ever purchased light cant tell its there.

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    The Best

    I've bought my fair share of Watch bands over the last couple of years, from the official Nylon straps to cheap stainless steel imitations and this Sport Loop is by the far best one. It's lightweight to the point where you almost can't feel it on your wrist. It's easy to clean and looks fantastic. I can't recommend it highly enough.

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great band, Great Color

    Love all the Sport bands. I was looking for a more “flashy” color, and I got it with this one.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    One Band to Rule Them All

    (Sorry, it won't turn you invisible. In fact quite the opposite.)

    First encountered the Sport Loop band with my wife's Watch Edition 3. As a sufferer of eczema, she was certainly concerned that it would end up irritating her wrist. After a wearing it daily, then weeks, no complaints; she was very positive with no outbreaks on her wrist! At the time, the Nike+ band (perforated) had been working pretty okay for me (better than the Sport band, which irritates my skin), but not enough to make me happy to wear my watch daily. After picking up a Sport Loop nearly two weeks ago, I'm positively delighted with this band. I wear it fairly tightly on my wrist, and I wear it 14+ hours, forgetting that it's even there.

    First of all, the whole band is woven out of nylon thread. The weave reminds me of a cotton towel, and it certainly breathes really well. The loop is basically a single piece that feeds and folds over a flat slot. At the loose end, there are five patches of hooks (think, Apple's version of Velcro) that fastens back itself, which holds quite robustly with no stretching or loosening over time. The whole band seems to be made of good quality plastic and nylon, so people who are allergic to Nickel or metals should be fine.

    I haven't swam or really worked out hard in the band, but I have worn it enough for to get a little sweaty. Good news is that it remains comfortable and has had no bad odors; like many synthetic materials, nylon shouldn't harbor or facilitate much bacterial or mold growth. With enough sweat and buildup, I suspect it will require eventually require cleaning to maintain the comfort. Since it's breathable, water doesn't seem to get trapped inside, though I have yet to soak it thoroughly to see how long it takes for it to dry out.

    Appearance-wise, this is not my favorite Apple Watch look, but it's still cool looking. I went with Flash with my Space Gray Sport model, and it's well...flashy. On my screens, Flash seemed more green, however in person it's actually fluorescent yellow, think yellow highlighter, or the bright yellow used in a lot of sports apparel; it's not for everyone, but it's energetic and bright. Also note, it's not reflective (which would be a great feature when days have less sunlight).

    Overall, highly recommended to anyone who is looking for a very comfortable band, as well as those who are sensitive or may suffer from skin-related issues. It's definitely the best of the bands sold at this price point.

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    The most comfortable sports band

    Apple Watch Sport Loop is the most comfortable band to wear when you are actively moving. It keeps the watch close to your skin, so that it would keep reading your heart rate, but not too tight. Also it stretches, and also feels extremely soft on the skin. And your sweat seeps through, and any water dries very fast - faster than with the nylon band.

    The Flash color is a nice speck of active color, and works great with both silver and space gray watches.
    It's a pity that they don't sell Nike+ exclusive color separately for now, but nevertheless, I am extremely happy that I have got this band as an additional band.

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