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    I take it everywhere

    • Written by Brian S from DUBLIN

    I can not leave the house without taking my SOLO 3 in my backpack. So that I can listen to my music and tune the rest out. I've tried some of the best of the other brands headphones. But as soon as I put my new BEATS SOLO 3 headphones on I am pleased as ever in my investment, right on man.

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    Best one

    • Written by Steven D from 滨州

    Super cool one and best one

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    The Best Headphones Ever

    • Written by Ed Y from 杭州

    Best One So Far

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    Brilliant! 9/10

    • Written by Umair A from Faisal Town

    Short background, I first came across Beats in 2008, roughly around the time when they were affiliated with Monster and made flashy/weirdly plastic-y headphones. Wasn't a big fan. My first pair of Beats were the in-ear model from 2010-11, they came free with Beats' partnership with HTC's Sensation XL. Sounded great, but a little too bassy. I bought the UrBeats next, in 2014. By now the build quality had improved greatly and so had the sound signature. It was much clearer than what I remembered the Beats to be. This summer, after 6 months of back and forth, after trying the entire Sony/Bose range of similarly priced headphones, I purchased these Decade Collection Studios.. long story short; I made the right choice.

    Why these headphones are a win in the $350-450 category is because of how good they are all around. Sony's rival to the Studios, the 1000XM2's weren't very comfortable to the ears in my testing. My ears got sweaty, the bass thump was a little annoying, and the sound of the headphone seemed extremely closed compared to the Studios, despite them both being Closed back headphones. In terms of sound quality, the absolute winner of this range would be the Bowers & Wilkins PX, but it has its own cons, i.e. a $100 more expensive, plus, again, on the more uncomfortable side. Ear cushioning on the Beats studios, and the way it channels air in is by far the best I have tested, only behind the Bose QC 35's. The Drawback on the QC 35's is that, Bose' sound signature has always been more natural, towards the flat side, not making it nearly as fun to listen to as the vibrant sound signature of the Studios.

    Weird Fact, don't know if I'm the only one, but when I purchased these and heard them the first 2-3 times, they sounded a bit flat to me. I found myself tweaking the equaliser much more than I liked. However, after 3 4 long listening sessions, the sound quality has changed quite a bit. The same tracks sound clearer, the emphasis on the low end is there, but very clean, extremely controlled. Some audiophiles call this phenomenon burn in. You either believe it.. or you don't. I'm a part of the former, the more I listen to these, I somehow find them getting clearer and clearer.

    TLDR; These headphones have amazing build quality, a great sound signature which only opens up wider the more you listen to it. They're extremely well built + really really comfortable. The only cons I can point are I wish Beats would work more on its noise-cancelling and its own sound signature (clarity in the mids and highs) Also, please make the next generation of Beats USB C, please! I love mine, its a solid 9/10 from me.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best wireless buds ecer

    • Written by Joseph W

    I dig these, great sound quality and the ear hooks can mold in any size or position. Only downfalls are the rubber ear puecea that gobin the ear canal can come off, not real easily but they still can pop off like any other pair. The other thing is they don't have as good of functionality with Android as they do apple

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    need app

    • Written by ROBERT T from mechanicsburg

    please have someone create a beats headphone app. these beats sound great but sometimes when you don't want all the base or whatever it would be nice to tweak them a bit. no reason for them not to have an app other manufactures have apps. very handy. thank you

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