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    Try This

    • Written by Abdullah J from Riyadh , Saudi Arabia

    Guys, I think the cover is not 100% fit with the smart case. Loosing is what causes the connection`s instability. Put a small piece of tissues in one of the upper corners and then install your phone in. It should be steady. It is working fine for me (until now at least)
    what a fix for $129 case !!!

  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Nice case, but works inconsistently

    • Written by Steve L from Kutztown

    I enjoyed using the Smart Battery Case and I have used several generations of this case over the years. This one was my favorite beacuse it supported wireless charging and the bottom of the case was flush with the bottom of the phone. Unfortunately, however, the iPhone XS Smart Battery Case stopped working after just a few months — it will not always charge my phone when connected. I’ll often have to remove and re-apply the case for it to charge my phone, even though the connections on the case and the phone are clean and clear. This seems like a widespread issue on this generation of the case, so it might make sense to steer clear of this one.

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    • Written by Thatcher M from Kansas City

    I have to agree with many of the reviews here in that the case works for about maybe six months, some people have had a little bit longer, but it eventually stops working properly. The connection starts going in and out, constantly vibrating and making that noise when it comes back in. The biggest farce is that it is supposed to drain the battery case first, then switch over to the phone battery. NOPE... it now is constantly charging the phone battery (when it is in connection), which in turn will erode your phone battery. You might as well go with the cheaper Mophie option or what have you. Better luck next time Apple. Better keep your service revenue coming in.

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    Good In Theory, Poor Execution

    • Written by Kevin T from Rockford

    The iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case was amazing. I've been having issues with my XS and this Smart Battery Case. It would intermittently disconnect and reconnect. I'd have to remove it out of the case, then put it back in for a more stable connection for the next hour or two before disconnecting and reconnecting. Also would intermittently display A2070 instead of "Smart Battery Case" in the Batteries widget. Also another thing is that my iPhone would sometimes ask me to unlock it so it could use the accessory attached to it (Smart Battery Case). Great case in theory, poor execution. Works great when it does, keeps my iPhone charged and I could go through a whole day no problem. As soon as this case started to act up, it doesn't matter what you do. It goes down hill from there. Oh, and I've had this case replaced twice and my iPhone XS replaced once, being the Genius thought it was an iPhone issue, not a case issue. Reading these reviews, I'm almost positive it's a case issue.

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    Great while it lasted

    • Written by Chris P from ELLICOTT CITY

    This was a fine case, though expensive, until it started to disconnect and reconnect repeatedly when being moved. The dinging or vibrating are infuriating. Is it so hard to get this right?

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    Connection issues after a couple of months

    • Written by Akeem K from Duluth

    Good at first. But after two months it constantly connects and re-connects to my iPhone. Unacceptable for such an expensive product. Unreliable.

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    Battery Good but the case fell apart in months

    • Written by paul B from Manchester

    I never had an issue with the battery. After 6 months of use I noticed the corners of the case were cracking and splitting. I assumed it was from rubbing against my jacket pocket while taking in and out for use. Within weeks chucks of cases started breaking of in the area that holds the phone in place. If this were a $29.00 item and it lasted 8 months I would just chalk it up to poor craftsmanship and buy a new one. But at $129.00 Apple needs to investigate the quality of the material and manufacturing of something this price. I would not purchase again out of concern of the same thing happening again.

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    Not Great

    • Written by Stephanie E from Boca Raton

    I loved the old models of the apple battery cases but this one is not the same. The phone keeps connecting and disconnecting from the case so theres constant vibrating. Also the case easily damaged and scratched just from normal wear and tear.

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