• 4.0 out of 5 stars

    I really like it

    • Written by Ben H from chorley

    I love this case. I bought it today for my phone and it fits snug, looks good and is one of those cases where you know your phone is safe because yes... it’s a very very steep price! The only two things I hate about it is it is a fingerprint magnet especially black, white idk and the fact that there’s no on/off switch is kind of stupid with a company priding themselves on advanced technology.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    charge notification sound

    • Written by Douglas V M from Houston

    all during the day i keep hearing the "beep" ( same sound as when you plug phone into a charger and it notifies you that you are connected) I understand that the battery power is used 1st then the phone picks up the usage. Sometime during that process the battery must be sending some signal to the phone to say "i'm on" so send a "beep" It's driving me nuts going around with the thing making this sound in such a random manner. even as i type this. Apple Support says nothing they can do about it! Anyone out there who has dealt with this problem and found a fix??

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Heavy Traveler, over 3 years of product experience

    • Written by Rebekah G from Glenside

    I've used this case on my iPhone 7 and now XR for over 3 years now. I travel heavily for work, so my phone is always in use. There are several pros and cons:

    1. Excellent battery life when both phone and case are fully charged. iPhone 7 can go 1 full day, while the XR can go 2 days on heavy usage.
    2. Grip is great, the material used isn't slippery.
    3. Phone protection is amazing. I've dropped many times, while the rubber chips and peels, the phone has never cracked or had any damage.
    4. Integrated with iPhone, so no annoying messages about the device not being compatible.

    1. Speaker openings at the bottom of the case clog easily. Be prepared for people to tell you that they can't hear you if you're on speaker.
    2. THERE'S NO PINK CASE FOR THE XR?! (ok, that's my own personal con)

    I've tried every case out there. This is one, folks.

    DESIGN SUGGESTION: I would love to see a double lightening port on this case, one for your headphones, and one for the charger. Also, have an option with a pop-out or stand. Thanks for being awesome, Apple.

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