• 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Everything I love about the BeatsX, plus a better carrying case.

    • Written by Jad Y from White River Junction

    I love the original BeatsX and this sacai special edition looks beautiful. I went with the Burned Red color combination because red is my favorite color.

    The beads help with cable management, which is a plus! The sound is identical to the regular BeatsX: clean, warm sound.

    This special edition comes with a great, sturdy carrying case which gives me more peace of mind, but it's still a laborious task, trying to fit the earphones in it. Takes a few attempts to figure it out.

    It'll take a while for you to decorate the earphones, as the beads come in a separate compartment in the packaging. Take your time figuring out how you'd like to decorate them. I just looked at the front of the box and followed that pattern. You'll end up with 9 additional beads and those are extra ones in case you lose any. Stop decorating the earphones when you end up with 9 beads and keep those in a safe spot. You'll notice a small gap on each cable and that's to allow it to fold when you tuck the earphones in their carrying case. You don't want to overcrowd the cable with beads.

    I really like this even though I've only had it for one day. The fashion elements brought by sacai not only are aesthetically appealing, but bring some practicality to the design that improves on the regular BeatsX. Who knew an array of beads would be so helpful? Fantastic.

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