• 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Great front and back protection, but ridiculous price.

    • Written by Bryan J from Fairfield

    I should start this by saying that in the wasteland of 3rd party case options, iPad Pro early adopters and even people buying now are at the mercy of a confused and limited market.

    I usually stick with first party products, especially when it comes to my iPad(s) over the years. When Apple redesigned the Pro recently, there was literally nothing else on the market yet and hardly anything now.

    As a portfolio, it is great protection for both the front and back of the iPad. I used to have to get two different products in other times, so that's a welcome improvement. The magnetic locking on it works very well so for those who are wary, rest assured.

    Complaints, for me, are the materials. I've never been particularly fond of Apple's silicone stuff. It doesn't feel great in the hand like leather does and appears kind of "clinical" to me. For a tablet that is supposed to be personal, it makes me feel like it isn't mine.

    I would have appreciated a leather offering that over time, gets character and more attractive the more it is handled. Also, the available colors are strangely limited, so if you're looking for expression, look elsewhere. They're bland.

    Lastly, price. I get the impression that Apple was banking on the fact that the market would be slow to respond, like they do with any product redesign, in bring new products to market. In that way, Apple had a deadlock on people buying up this case. Even with front and back protection, $100 for a piece of plasticine that isn't even interesting is funky. Hopefully they rethink it for next time.

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