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    Good idea, but the execution....

    • Written by Terso M from scroggins

    The iPhone XS Max SmartBattery Case is a very beneficial case especially if you're someone who is always on the go. The case provides a solid extra day of battery life. When I first purchased the case, I could go nearly two-three days without charging the case or the phone depending on my exact usage and what I did on the phone that day, too. However, as the time went out, the battery life on the case itself began to become lesser and lesser. I, also, find the strategy of the phone case somewhat backwards. Instead of the phone dying beforehand, the case is the first thing to die and queuing your iPhone to rely on it's own battery. This is the first battery case I have ever purchased, but I found that odd. Nonetheless, it has a very longlasting battery and the material/case itself fits quite comfortably in your hand. I purchased the black color as I was advised by the specialist who worked at the store, claiming he has had several complaints and returns due to the other colors staining easily. Regardless, I give the case 3 stars due to it's smart integration with the iPhone and it's longevity. But, there are definitely some kinks and redesigning that would definitely help the product be superior over other charging cases!

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