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    Issue with iPhone XS Max black battery pack case

    • Written by Mario B from Hackensack

    Well first off I got it as a birthday gift from my boyfriend however after dropping it once or twice and only having it for six months now the case sometimes is at 100% and the iPhone itself is at 75% which makes no sense entirely and I feel after at least six months and using it a lot and being somewhat careless with dropping it at least twice it keeps connecting and disconnecting and going back-and-forth other than that I’ve never had any issues with it now with it being floppy after using in time no with it peeling and slightly falling apart yes there is peeling on the top yes when you put it in and out of your pocket it peels Yes using the any type of earphones doesn’t connect properly to the bottoms and disconnects when u use apples product piece to connect your beats to the piece then to the case doesn’t work well disconnects a lot the weight of it isn’t bad little heavy but not bad yes the black color is the best I wish tho I could bring it to the Apple store and they offer me 20% off I’d definitely buy it then as well as I’d be more careful with it and see how long it lasts I mean for it to work and not work back and fourth for only 6 months shouldn’t wouldn’t be good but again like I’m honest I have dropped it probably 2 times at least 5 times out of my packet protects my iPhone and screen using temped glass bulky yes but idc. Imma try Apple tomorrow