Interactive magic in every book.

With iBooks Author, books come alive with a tap, swipe, or pinch.
Take a look at all the ways a book can become an experience.

Keynote Presentations

Let readers browse Keynote presentations with custom animations — right inside their textbooks. iBooks Author includes intuitive controls for slide navigation and optional self-playing presentations.

Interactive Images

Pictures go further when they’re interactive. Callouts and pan-and-zoom features add even more to the experience.

Interactive Galleries

Instead of seeing just one image on the page, readers can swipe through an entire collection of interactive photos and captions with a finger. They can navigate the gallery using photo thumbnails or step through images one at a time.

Scrolling Sidebars

Insert relevant asides and tangential topics into scrolling sidebars. So readers can go with you on a short (or long) detour, without ever leaving the page.


A picture may be worth a thousand words, but sometimes it can use a few more. Pop-Overs let readers tap an image to reveal a window of additional information, images, or other data to give more context.


Video and audio bring any subject matter to life, anywhere on the page. Readers will experience text and images — instead of just reading and viewing them. Movies can play automatically, and iBooks Author allows any frame of a movie to be the poster frame.

Chapter Reviews

Let readers test their knowledge using a variety of question types: multiple choice, choose the correct image, label the image, or a mix of all three. Authors can include six possible answers to each question.

3D Images

Readers can interact with 3D objects by touch. So instead of seeing just a cross section of the brain, they can manipulate a 3D image to see all the way around it. iBooks Author gives book creators the option to adjust the background, allow readers to rotate the object freely, or constrain its movement to horizontal or vertical rotation.

HTML Modules

Create your own HTML widgets using your favorite text editor or third party app, then add them to your book alongside the text. Web-based, dynamically updated data keep examples current.