Are these better or worse than the new Apple EarPods?

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    The Apple Earpods are far more affordable, thus superior to the Apple In-Ear Headphones. They fit perfectly/pain-free in my ears, and should fit your's snug as well. I have a pair of Apple Earpods and they sound amazing. The bass is great, and the sound quality good for $30.

  • i would say better because they create a seal within the ear

  • I find these are lacking quite substantially in bass. Way too "tinny". I had to boost my bass through the EQ setting to get any sort of bass out of these, where the $29 pair that shipped with my iPhone had a much richer overall sound. To me, these sound like tiny speakers, and not worth the money...

    Unfortunately the jack on the EarPods ($29 headphones) broke off while plugged in to my phone, so these more expensive ones were sent as a replacement from Apple. I prefer the $29 pair, to be honest.