Are these earphones compatible with iPod touch 5th generation

  • Asked about:  Bose® MIE2i Mobile Headset

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    Yes they are!

  • last pm i purchased MIE2i mobile headset for use with my ipod 5th gen. i am finding the answer/end key does not d/c when finishing call. also when plugged in to ipod--disables any music function ie i can not select song/album/playlist while using MIE2i mobile headset.

    The response to the answer/end key while playing music does not always respond ie fwd songs, return to previous song and pause.

    i am returning to the bose store to see if i am doing something wrong or if there are issues with the combo.


  • Yes they are.

  • Can't speak from personal experience with these, but I don't see any reason why they wouldn't be compatible.

    I'm guessing you're concerned that iPod Touch 5th generation is not listed among the compatible devices, and I'm also guessing that they just haven't updated the page to include it.

    So to summarize: I don't know, but I'd be extremely surprised if there was any sort of compatibility issue.