Is it possible to download this on mac air? In the system requirement it says a DVD drive and the mac airs don't have and disk drives.

I just really want to know how this whole thing works. Do they send a code or something?

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    This is purely a digital download. All that comes in the box is a key to download the software, so it should be fine.

  • You can buy MS Office direct from MS online and download directly to any Mac. This is how I purchased it but be aware that the file is about 1 GB and will take a while to download. I bought the home 3-license version and copied the disc image file to my son using Dropbox and he installed successfully on his MacBook Pro. No problems at all.

  • I haven't found a digital download, but you can use remote access.

    Just set this up on my new MacBook Air. On my iMac, I went in to System Preferences>Sharing and selected DVD and CD Sharing. Then on my Air in the Finder Sidebar under DEVICES selected Remote Dics, where my iMac is listed. Clicked on request to use and the iMac prompted me to allow permission. Installation .iso popped up on my Air's desktop. Not sure how to go about this from a PC as it's been awhile since I've used one, but I'm sure it is possible.

  • If you already own MS Office and you get it loaded onto mac air to activate the s/n do it by phone, follow the voice prompts and it will give you a new s/n for the mac or bootcamp you're installing it on. Have your original s/n handy because you will have to say it to the voice prompt.

  • You can remotely access a DVD drive, or get the Apple USB super drive for a bit less then 90.00 for your Air.