how do i connect apple tv through my surround sound system. If I have an hdmi connection on the receiver can I skip the connection to the tv?

2 Answers from the Community

  • Usually your receiver will have an input on it for things like dvd, bluray, game, and sometimes one that is for "whatever" called Aux, or Auxiliary. You could use any of these input from the apple tv, and then there is also one HDMI output that goes to the HDtv. Just use the remote for your receiver to go to the input that you connected to. It should give you the best sound with the HDMI rather than other connections.

    • Answered by Mark H from Amarillo
    • 12-Jul-2014
  • You could use it in that configuration, but you might suffer some audio and video sync issues.

    It would be better to hook it up to your tv and connect the audio via the optic fibre link into your receiver. This way video goes where it belongs and audio to where it should.

    • Answered by Jj L from Pretoria
    • 21-Jan-2013