I know that HDMI goes into the TV but what cable is required to insert into the Apple TV box?

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    Not sure what you mean, but your computer streams all your iTunes content wirelessly to that little APPLEtv, and once that is set-up in Airport utility, you just plug the ATV power cord into the wall near your TV, and a cable with one HDMI plug on either end, connects your ATV to your TV.

    • Answered by Michael V from Barrie
    • 23-Jun-2013
  • that depends on your version of hte Apple TV
    the first generation used RGB and HDMI cables
    the second and third generation use only HDMI

    • Answered by Raymond H from Colorado Springs
    • 05-Aug-2013
  • A standard HDMI-to-HDMI cable is used to connect the televesion to the Apple TV. The Apple Store sells them for around $20.

    • Answered by Julian B from Baie-d'urfe
    • 26-Jun-2013
  • You need a standard HDMI to HDMI cable, i.e. male connections at both end. This is a completely standard cable for almost all HD devices that use HDMI.

    This cable is NOT bundled with the Apple TV, but must be purchased separately (e.g. the Apple HDMI cable, or cheaper (and some considerably more expensive) options available elsewhere).

    Most people won't notice much difference between HDMI cables transmission quality, but to be safe, go for one from a trusted brand.

    • Answered by John D
    • 24-Jun-2013