how do i load movies on ipad

4 Answers from the Community

  • Go to iTunes store as in the app , go to films and download films

    • Answered by Joshua K
    • 29-Jul-2013
  • Since there is no DVD port/slot on the iPad, I download the movie to my iMac and then sync the iPad using iTunes. It is also a good idea to make a check mark beside the music, video, movie, etc that you wish to upload to your iPad and that way you will have an option to either skip a particular song, video or movie; or, to upload it. This will prevent clutter on your iPad and will save space as well. (Note: look for the option to upload all or only the checked items on the computer.)

    • Answered by Linda S from Spartanburg
    • 09-Aug-2013
  • I think you have to go on iTunes and buy or rent a movie, then it will download. I don't no if there is a way to put movies onto the ipad

    • Answered by Cathy D
    • 29-Jul-2013
  • From iTunes.

    • Answered by Gary M from West Des Moines
    • 15-Aug-2013