Does the black Iphone 4S come with black earphones and USB connector (or are they white for both the white and black phones)??

4 Answers from the Community

  • White on both models.

    • Answered by John F
    • 28-Mar-2012
  • Best Answer:

    everything in the box is the same for both black / white iPhones, apart from the colour of the phone :)

    • Answered by James E
    • 27-Mar-2012
  • There is no difference, both iPhones come with the same accessories.

    • Answered by Brad D from Oakdale
    • 17-May-2012
  • theyre both white accesories. i just got a white one and my brother got a black one and the cables /earphones were white

    • Answered by Aaron R from San Antonio
    • 05-Nov-2012