should i get a 32gb or 64gb iphone?

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    Whether you get a 16. 32, or 64 GB iPhone depends on how much music and how much the tunes are compressed, how many videos, how many pictures, and how many apps you will have on the device.

    For most people the key factor will be the number of tunes at what bit rate you have. For example on my iPhone using the lowest bit rate, 128 kbps, 5,295 tunes use 21.3 GB of storage, at 192 kbps it would take 25.4 GB, and the highest bit rate 256 kbps bumps the storage to 29.4 GB. Using the Apple headphones my hearing is not good enough to discern an appreciable difference in sound quality between 128 kbps and 256 kbps. However if you were playing through a high quality sound system or very high quality headphones you would likely hear a noticeable difference.

    A full length movie will take a little under 2 GB of storage, but thanks to iCloud storage, photos end up taking little storage on the iPhone. Storage required by apps is dependent on the particular app but the 91 apps installed on my iPhone occupy 8.6 GB of storage.

    Only you know what your habits are and only you can judge how much storage you need. My wife just upgraded to an iPhone 5 and went from a 64 GB model to the 32 GB version after looking at how much storage she is actually using (only about 12 GB). I will be upgrading Monday, and I am going to stick with the 64 GB model. In truth I only use about half of the storage, but I like to have a lot of "headroom" for expansion if I need it.

    • Answered by Joe B from Fort Worth
    • 13-Oct-2012