camera ipod touch 4 is same quality as ipod touch 5 ?

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    No, because the back camera on the iPod 4th Gen only has 0.7 MP (Apple website says the camera is too bad to specify on tech specs and only specifies that it can take 720p videos)
    and it has a normal lens which can take 720p HD video. The front facing camera is a VGA camera.

    The new iPod 5th Gen has 5 MP and it has a sapphire lens which is slightly clearer and can take 1080p HD video. The front facing camera has 1.2 MP camera.

    I don't know of the resolution of the front facing cameras though, sorry.
    so the new iPod has a better camera.

    • Answered by Robert T from Bass Hill
    • 28-Oct-2012
  • Definitely not. The 4th Gen iPad has a less-than-a-megapixel camera, while the iPod 5th Gen has a 5-Megapixel Eyesight camera that takes HD video.

    • Answered by David W from Meridian
    • 28-Oct-2012
  • iPod touch 5 camera
    -5MP iSight back camera (1080p filming, and panorama mode, LED flash)
    -1.5 Facetime HD front camera (720p filming)

    iPod touch 4 camera
    -0.7MP Back camera (720p filming)
    -VGA Facetime front camera

    You tell me if it's the same :)

    • Answered by David W from Chilliwack
    • 01-Feb-2013
  • The iPod touch 4 has only 720p video recording, while the iPod touch 5 has 1080p video recording.

    • Answered by William J from Virginia Beach
    • 10-Dec-2012
  • No. The ipod touch 5g's camera is 1080p Resolution, were as the ipod touch 4g has 720p. Correct me if i am wrong!

    • Answered by Jack D from Birmingham
    • 30-Mar-2014