does i-pod message

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    Yes it can with the built-in Messages app or you can purchase Social Networking apps from the App Store.

    • Answered by John P from Sandia Park
    • 04-May-2013
  • I believe all ipod touches can message but ipod touch 4 and 5 can message without you having to download anything. HOPE THIS HELPED

    • Answered by Braden B from Clearwater
    • 08-May-2013
  • Not all do,But iPod Touch (all generations) do.

    • Answered by Dylan M from Bel Air
    • 05-May-2013
  • I can only speak for the iPodTouchGen5 -- and that answer is yes. The iPodTouchGen5 is basically an iPhone5 except without phone or cellular data capability. It's awesome! Comes with iMessage, etc., and there are tons of free apps to add to the repertoire.

    But I don't know about the other iPods because I've not looked into them and don't own any.

    • Answered by Eve B from Boynton Beach
    • 05-May-2013