How to upgrade the RAM on the new MacBook Pro Retina?


I plan to buy a 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display 2.3 Ghz packed with 8GB of onboard RAM.
Can the RAM be upgraded from 8GB to 16GB later, on this specific model and if so how?

Thanks for your time.

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    You can't! The ram is soldered to the board. I wanted to get this laptop as well, but this is a deal breaker for me. If the ram ever goes bad on you, it would have to be serviced by apple so make sure to get apple care if you get it to at least extend the warranty by 2 years

    • Answered by Radoslav R from Toronto
    • 14-Jun-2012
  • No, not upgradable. if you buy the 8Gb version, you are stuck with it because the RAM is soldered on.
    Buy the 16GB version instead. Then you are stuck with (and happy with) 16Gb.

    • Answered by Exotic D from Bethel Park
    • 10-Dec-2013
  • The question was "can you upgrade LATER?" I do not think he meant "during the checkout process" when he said later. He meant later as in several years later. The answer to that question is "no."

    • Answered by Mark P from San Antonio
    • 17-Jan-2014
  • Yes you can upgrade to 16 GB, at the time of purchase itself you can customize it in the online store.

    • Answered by Badriprasad S
    • 05-Dec-2013