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    Yeah they are terrible

    I love everything about Apple, except this. They keep breaking and this is ridiculous for twenty bucks a pop. Design change please!!

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    Apple sinks to new low with these cords

    I paid a fortune for my cords because "off brand, inferior cords can ruin you iPhone" I was told by an AT&T rep. Well guess what? The Apple cords don't last.

    I've had it with this company and its attitude.

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    Terrible. Keep breaking and cost is ridiculous.

    I have been through so many lightning cables, I have lost count. At least five of these 1m ones (all broke) and third party ones are even worse.

    The Apple cables cost way too much and are of appalling quality.

    It is galling to read the tiny number of positive reviews for this truly awful product saying that the problem is just because people don't take care of the cables. What offensive nonsense. They cost a lot of money and are a pain to replace, but they stop working even when carefully handled.
    The idea practically everyone else who has written a review is simply a careless idiot is not only rude, it is really quite dim.

    These cables have uber-delicate internal wires that seem to get disconnected very easily. The microchips in them require extra internal cables, so there is more to go wrong and it seems like the only design imperative was for it to be small. I'd rather something bigger that worked!!

    Third party cables frequently don't work and even those sold with 'Made for iPhone' approval and sold by Apple will frequently fail and many won't charge at all as the iPhone or iPad will claim that 'This accessory may not be supported' and then fail to charge. Of course, that's better than it exploding the phone if it really is dodgy, but come on! After having that issue with a LOT of third party cables, I bought more of these Apple ones and all but one have failed.

    It really is stunning why Apple allowed this problem to continue for so long and haven't apologised about it and still have made no promise to improve them. Of course, wireless and inbuilt solar charging would be great, but I'd settle for a cable that works.

    It is hard to know what to recommend as there aren't many alternatives that are very good either. That said, my Belkin one in my car has been OK for several months and has withstood being wound up and unwound repeatedly. My iPhone and iPad are a big part of my life, taking over ever more functions, and with services like Apple Pay we are placing ever more reliance on our Apple devices. If you run out of battery on the Tube in London, you could end up being overcharged if you can't touch out. If you were hoping to pay for a meal with your iPhone, you can't if it's not powered. Being able to charge the device up is so fundamental to being able to use these devices that I just can't see why this isn't being treated seriously.

    Wireless charging is long overdue and competitors are way ahead on that. I'm not going to upgrade my iPhone 6+ to the next model if it doesn't have wireless or a new type of cable. In the meantime, please stop selling these awful cables and switch to a toughened Lightning cable that is designed with some slack on the internal cables so they don't come detatched so easily! And please make it easier for third parties to make alternatives that are safe, cheap and reliable too.

    Luckily, my JBL speaker dock (cheap and v loud, highly recommended) does charge well (and has a USB port so can do your iPad at the same time if you can find a Lightning cable that works :-P !

    It is truly infuriating that I'm now having to spend another £10-£20 on yet another cable. I could have paid for one year's access to Apple Music for the same amount I've spent on these ruddy things! I think I'll have to hope another Belkin one will be as sturdy as the one in my car!!!

    Come on Apple, my 128GB iPhone 6 Plus cost as much as a used car! Please make charging it more straightforward, less expensive and reliable! Pretty please?!

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    Poor quality

    I have had numerous Apple products, iPad's, iPhone's and Macbooks. All off their charging cables at one point or another have broken with normal usage. And we all know that they are not cheap especially the ones for the Macbook. Apple please either redesign the cables or drop the prices.

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    Terrible product

    Would give 0 stars if possible. These are just awful. I must have spent in excess of £100 on cables just over the past two months no word of a lie. I accept that products aren't always perfect first time but this is quite evidently an ongoing widespread issue so I'm wondering if it's ever going to be addressed and resolved? At this point I'm honestly considering switching to a Samsung when my contract runs out which is a shame as I much prefer the iPhone but the cable issue is just too infuriating and not something customers should still be having to deal with.

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    I have had this phone for 1 year now and It is absolutely shocking the amount of new chargers that I have needed in the past half a year! I have have around 5 new phone chargers over the past 3 months and that's £75!!!

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    This charger is equivalent to water-trash

    This cord is no longer usable after 2 short months, it shorts out and goes back & forth from charging to not charging. When I purchased this cord it was used exclusively in my car to connect my phone and charge/play music. It was not under tremendous stress and was not used a lot. This is not the first charger that has done this me. I have owned an iPhone 6S Plus for 10 months and I am on my 4th charger.

    About 4 weeks in it stopped working properly, it would go in and out of charging and I would have to maneuver the cord to just the right position for it to stay connected. After the 2 month mark it stopped working completely.

    This type of product responsibility is making it harder for me to continue using Apple products, most importantly the iPhone. This continuous problem with their own products shows they are not concerned about the consumer and their overall experience with their products. Couple this with the fact they are changing the design of the phone to not include a headphone jack and it puts it over the edge. Apple seems much more interested in squeezing every penny out of the consumer possible instead of creating a satisfied customer.

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    Really? Apple really?

    having to replace cable every couple of months, throwaway product at premium pricing, further insulted by some apple supervisor at customer care that I must be abusing my cables, yes of course I am because there is nothing I like doing better in my spare time than abusing and shredding my cables to pieces. just finally for the love of god admit the design and quality problem and fix it!!!!
    ** if there was a zero star option that would be my rating.

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    These are complete and utter garbage

    While the concept is good the implementation is very bad, these consistently break in the same area and they are not cheap enough to be replacing them all the time. This is clearly a design issue, most likely an intentional design issue so that people have to keep replacing these all the time.

    Not impressed at all, possible solution might be to put a couple layers of heat shrink tubing on the cable near the phone end of the cable as soon as you replace it but why should I have to do that so I can have a cable which doesn't break after a couple months of use???

    This is the worst product I have every purchased from Apple.

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    Everything else Apple makes is so good...

    ...why the heck are their cables so inexplicably bad?

    I don't even use the same cable all the time. The "work load" for my iPhone cables is split between a few different cords: one at work, one that pretty much stays attached to my computer all the time, one in the truck, and one that stays plugged in by my bed. The one by the bed isn't even an authentic Apple cable, yet sadly it's the one that has held up the best out of the four. The others – who live a relatively pampered life style – still split, discolor, seem to get "brittle," and often require electrical-tape reinforcement at either end to stabilize their connectivity.

    My opinion as a customer is pretty straightforward: if you're going to make a disposable cable, price them accordingly. You kind of lose the "right" to charge premium prices for them if they become junk under normal use. If you're going to charge $20 or $30 for a three or six foot cable, we have a right to expect them to hold up a little better than they do.

    Surprising, really, considering almost everything else I have owned by Apple has been practically bullet-proof.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    These cables break very easily if you carry them in a bag. Much easier than the $1 third party cables that iOS9 disabled support for.

    So tired of wasting so much money on these overpriced cords. I'll wait for my current iPhone to break (they usually last about two years), and then switch to Android.

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    Very Bad Quality..

    Bought more than 20 cables and none of them last, breaks at some point irrespective how careful you are. Apple should find a way for better quality !!!

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    Poor quality USB cable

    I've never had an issue with my iPhone cables until now. This new design is absolute garbage. They bend and break very easily, wires exposed within just a few months!!!

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    What engineer designed this cable and why hasn't it been improved yet?!?

    $700 phone with a terribly designed expensive charging cable. I hope Apple wakes up and finally makes a cable worth having!!!

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    What happened to Apple quality?

    I've had to replace my lightning cable 4 times in the last year. I'll never buy an Apple branded cable again. What happened to your commitment to high quality products?

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    Extremely annoying, low quality product

    You'd think a company with multibillion dollar profits that claims to be perfectionist would be capable of producing a decent charging cable. It is beyond my understanding why this is not possible for Apple. Why would you keep annoying millions upon millions of your customers year after year? And with each new iPhone release one hopes to see this fixed and they just keep selling us a $1000 phone with this cheap, low quality cable. And it feels like they simply don't care. Do they even use these cables with their iPhones? What do they think when they have to replace them every few months?

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    Worst Phone cable on earth!

    Apple, you have some real great devices, name it Macbook, iPad, iPhone, and iPods etc, however the accys that come with them are really TERRIBLE. Been apple user for almost 10 years I have 1 damage mac book charger, 2 broken iPad cables and 3 broken iphone lightning cables.Yet the Android version since 10 yrs ago still working fine (this is to prove that it ain't user problems. PLEASE stop using the wrong material for the cable, yes matte white material looks classy but they simply doesn't last! Looking forward to a brand new redesigned retractable nylon braided cable preferable comes with grade 52 neodymium magnets that allows magnetic attachment for charging. Thanks! Sorry for the rant, my last phone cable just broke again several months after being fixed using Sugru, probably I should have Sugru-ed the entire cable!

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    Very very bad quality

    I dont know how many cable i bought, all off they have very bad quality. Im very angry with them

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    Rubbish, Always Breaking and Overpriced

    Have had 5 of these things and they all break in the same place no matter how careful you are with them. Absolute rip off. Shame on you Apple.

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    the worst

    these cables are so expensive yet they break from even the most minimal of use. i rarely ever charge my ipad and always leave it in the same place. now it doesn't even work anymore. I've gone through too many of these things.

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