Frequently Asked Questions

Why Recycling?

Environmental stakes are huge, their effects are more visible every day and have a direct impact on our life. Concrete and effective actions are required in order to insure a sustainable growth.

A better management of End-of-Life products must be integrated into producer and user behaviour as raw material resources are limited and not renewable.

By choosing the Recycle Programme for Education, you will get the assurance that your equipments have been treated safely, in compliance with all national and European requirements, and using best technologies available. All waste arising from this programme is recycled locally or within the European Union.

Why trade in?

There are four main benefits to trading in aging technology:

  • Even used systems may have a residual value that can be applied to new purchases.
  • Storing and managing retired assets can be expensive and time consuming. Disposing of this equipment will reduce inventory management costs.
  • Trading in used equipment now is better than waiting since its value to others declines with each passing day.
  • Storing systems with important information, for example healthcare details, financial information and grades, presents not only a legal problem but also a security problem if that data were misused.

Who is eligible for the Trade-In Programme?

Any Higher Education institution located in France, Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Spain.

Who is eligible for the Recycle Programme?

Any Higher Education institution located in France, Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland, Austria, Sweden, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Italy and Spain.

How does the programme work?

  • Step 1 — Contact your Sales Representative to get a collection request form and the terms and conditions of the programme.
  • Step 2 — Fill in the form and give it to your Sales Representative, including details of locations, contact information, and a list of equipment you wish to trade in and/or recycle. This will help determine which equipment has a value and can be remarketed, and which has no value and should be recycled.
  • Step 3 — You will receive a customised quote within 2 to 4 days. Review your quote and read the terms and conditions of the Trade-In and Recycle Programme. Should you decide to accept the quote and the terms and conditions of the Trade-In and Recycle Programme, simply sign and fax or email the quote back to Apple’s selected Service Provider.
  • Step 4 — Apple Selected Service Provider will contact you and make arrangements for packing materials to be delivered and to schedule pick-up of your equipment. They will also send you a confirmation email.
  • Step 5 — Your equipment will be tested and audited by Apple Selected Service Provider to verify its condition and to determine the final value.
  • Step 6 — Apple Selected Service Provider will then contact you with the results of the equipment test and audit.
  • Step 7 — Final payment, if any, will be issued and mailed to you in the form of a bank transfer or a cheque.

Who do I contact to receive a quote on my equipment?

Contact your Apple Education Sales Representative. He will submit your inquiry to Apple Selected Service Provider and you will receive a customised quote within 2 to 4 working days.

How is the value of my equipment determined?

Used equipment value is based on three main factors:

  • System configuration
  • Equipment condition
  • Supply and demand within the secondary or used electronics market

Upon receipt of your equipment, Apple Selected Service Provider technicians perform an audit consisting of a series of detailed tests to determine and document the system configuration, together with the functional and cosmetic condition. Once the audit is complete, Apple Selected Service Provider issues payment for all equipment received in working condition free of major cosmetic defects.

What about damaged or non-working equipment?

This equipment may have some value. The actual amount depends on the parts and labour costs to repair and/or refurbish the damaged or non-working component. During the test and audit, Apple Selected Service Provider’s technicians evaluate each system to determine if repair or refurbishment is economically feasible. Any residual value of the system will be paid to the customer.

How long does the process take?

Recycling of the non-valuable equipment occurs within 30 working days after reception.

Can I trade in Windows machines?

Yes. Both Apple and non-Apple systems are accepted.

What products can I trade/recycle?

All computer equipment, computer-related peripherals and monitors.

What products are not accepted through Apple’s Trade-In and Recycle programme?

Basically, any product that is not computer equipment, computer-related peripherals or monitors will not be accepted. More specifically, but without limitation, we do not accept, TVs, overhead projectors, batteries not integral to computer systems, contaminated equipment of any kind, or any other universal or hazardous waste prohibited by local, national or international regulations.

What if I don’t know the condition or configuration of all my equipment?

No problem. Each and every system is tested and audited when it is received at Apple’s service provider. The actual value paid on each system is determined by this audit. On request, results of the audit can be supplied to the customer and include the serial number, system type, system configuration, condition and value paid.

What if the condition of my product is different from what I represented when initiating my trade in?

Conditions and configurations that differ from what were quoted may result in a trade-in credit different than what was originally quoted.

Will I be charged for requesting a quote? What if I decide not to pursue it?

No. There is no obligation when requesting a quote nor is there any penalty should you decide not to accept the quote for any reason.

Who pays for shipping?

Shipping is included at no additional cost. Apple Selected Service Provider will handle the equipment packaging for all trade-in units at no additional cost. When choosing the recycle programme, packaging can also be handled by Apple Selected Service Provider but is charged to customer as an additional service.

How do I prepare my equipment for pick up?

Equipment must be ready for collection on the collection date, packaged and palletised. Customer representative must be on site at the time of collection. Equipment must be gathered in a centralised location at customer site, with pallet access. All work is carried out during normal office hours (09:00-17:00).

Is there a limit to how much equipment I can send?


What should I do to secure the data on my systems?

  • While all data storage devices or components to be resold are cleansed to ISO 27001 standards, Apple recommends that you back up your hard drive and erase all data from any storage device as an added security measure.
  • Data cleansing is provided on all resale systems at no charge. Secured destruction of the hard drives is included in the Recycle Programme.

How should I dispose of batteries in my portable computer?

Your battery can ship inside the unit. If you have an extra battery, please tape over the lead with electrical tape.

How is the money for the trade disbursed?

Once your products have been received, audited and remarketed by the Apple Selected Service Provider, they will send you a cheque or make a bank transfer. You may use these funds towards the purchase of new Apple products and services. If you have any questions please, contact your Apple Sales Representative.

Is there a minimum number of products that must be traded?

A minimum of 200Kg (approximately 20 computer units) is required.

What if my products are in multiple locations?

No problem (a small fee may apply to cover the additional logistics expenses).

What if local rules and regulations prohibit my institution from accepting a rebate or trade-in check?

Call your Apple Sales Representative to explore other potential options. Always check your local and national laws regarding the use and disposal of public assets.

Where can I get detailed product environmental data related to Apple products?

Visit the Apple Product Environmental Specifications (APES) files.

Which Apple products have earned the ENERGY STAR?

Since 2001, all Apple computers and displays have earned the ENERGY STAR by meeting or exceeding the ENERGY STAR requirements.

More information

  • Contact your Apple Account Executive or your Apple Selected Service Provider Representative for more information.
  • Learn more about Apple and the environment.