Business apps made extraordinary with iOS.

The next generation of business apps take advantage of unique iOS capabilities such as Extensions, iBeacon, Touch ID, Handoff and more. These apps are streamlining workflows and making everyday tasks infinitely more productive. Discover the possibilities and reimagine how your business could work.


Apps that help you do more.

Extensions let you do more with apps on iPad and iPhone. Work in one app while tapping into another app’s functionality and content across iOS. View daily tasks on the lock screen, and share documents easily between apps. You can even create custom actions to extend your app’s capabilities.

Tap into the information that matters most.

With widgets in iOS 10, apps can now show a quick summary of your information directly from the home screen. Swipe into Notification Centre or get what you need with a single tap straight from the lock screen.

Automate workflows across apps like never before.

Workflow lets you automate functions across other apps so you can be even more productive on iPhone and iPad. You can easily launch workflows from inside the app or from other apps using Workflow’s Action extension.

Work with content effortlessly.

Extensions make it possible for apps like Pages to import documents directly from Box. Now you don’t need to leave the app you’re in to get the documents you need.

Location Services

Context is everything.

Location Services provides the context you need to get the right information at the right time. Make your day even more productive, whether that means navigating efficiently to a client’s office or automatically capturing location information at an inspection site.

Increase efficiency with location intelligence.

iAuditor makes completing safety inspections fast and easy. With Location Services, iAuditor automatically logs location data for more efficient inspections.

Detect mileage automatically.

MileIQ uses Location Services and smart-drive technology to detect your route, automatically track mileage and calculate reimbursement. Minimise the effort needed to get reimbursed for your business travel.

Communicate your destination visually.

Skitch lets you annotate images and maps quickly, making it even easier to direct people where to go. By leveraging Location Services, Skitch lets you map your current location, mark it up, and go.


The power of proximity.

iBeacon technology lets your iOS device sense proximity to a specific location, so you can do more with location awareness. The possibilities are limitless — from streamlining meeting room availability by automatically detecting when employees are present, to improving customer service by providing personalised messages to customers.

Meeting room efficiency.

Genentech built a custom app that lets employees check the availability of meeting rooms and book one instantly from their iPhone. iBeacon technology detects when people are present in a meeting room, so that employees are never left wondering which rooms are in use and which are vacant.

Genentech SignalMe

Enterprise In-House App

Secure access without the hassle.

The Usher Security app uses iBeacon technology to manage employee access, without the need for physical badges or additional credentials.

Usher Security

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Customer service reimagined.

Sales Assist, an IBM MobileFirst for iOS app, uses iBeacon technology to identify a shopper’s whereabouts in the store. Shop assistants can provide more efficient service and personalised recommendations to customers that have the store’s app on their device.


Pick up where you left off.

Handoff lets you start an activity on one device and seamlessly continue on another device. So if you’re running out the door, but haven’t finished the work on your Mac, you can continue on your iPad or iPhone. All you have to do is log in to both devices with the same iCloud account.

Manage your day seamlessly.

Things simplifies managing daily tasks, so you can move on to the next project quickly. And with Handoff, now you can start a list on your iPhone and mark your tasks complete as you go on Apple Watch.

Take meetings on the go.

GoToMeeting makes it easy to join a meeting on iPhone or iPad when you’re on the go, then hand off to your Mac once you reach the office.


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A snapshot that does so much more.

Use the built-in camera on iPhone and iPad in more innovative ways than ever before. Leverage Camera in apps to view augmented visualisations, simplify daily tasks, and even replace complex manual calculations — all with just a tap.

Visualisations made easy.

MagicPlan lets you measure rooms and draw floor plans just by taking a picture. You can add attributes and annotations to a snapshot to create an indoor map in minutes.


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Interact in a whole new light.

Sun Seeker leverages the camera to easily view the sun’s location and solar path. It’s never been easier to plan around the perfect light conditions, whether you’re designing architectural plans for optimal sun exposure or planning a photoshoot for the best time of day.

Sun Seeker

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Great ideas are meant to be shared.

Take your great ideas further by sharing them with everyone around you. Easily share your work from an iOS device to Apple TV wirelessly by simply tapping into AirPlay, all without having to connect to your organisation’s network.

Presentations amplified.

Keynote makes it easy to create beautiful presentations, and AirPlay makes it simple to share them with a group. Stream Keynote presentations wirelessly from any iOS device to Apple TV with AirPlay.

Meetings on the big screen. makes meetings more effective — take meetings anywhere and dynamically whiteboard ideas directly from iPad. And now you can easily share your ideas, boards and presentations with AirPlay.

Put your ideas on display.

Use Paper to sketch a new product design, outline a business plan or create diagrams — no matter where you are. And with AirPlay, you can share your ideas on the big screen to enhance collaboration and engage in more meaningful conversation.

Touch ID

Security at your fingertips.

Touch ID does more than just unlock your iPhone or iPad, it also lets you access the apps on your device securely. Safeguard your critical data without the hassle of managing multiple passwords — all you need is your fingerprint. A single touch ensures that even your most sensitive information stays protected.

Seamless security for all your passwords.

1Password creates a secure vault for all your passwords. So you can use Touch ID to access your websites, sensitive data and multiple identities with one touch.


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