iPod and Mobile Phone Reuse and Recycling Programme

Apple’s recycling programme offers free and environmentally friendly treatment of your iPod and mobile phone, with no purchase necessary.

Apple recycles responsibly

Apple Packaging

Dispose of packaging materials free of charge at local packaging collection points or in dedicated disposal bins available in some local authorities. For more information, contact:


Web: www.repak.ie
Email: info@repak.ie


Dispose of old batteries and accumulators free of charge at dedicated collection points.

WEEE Ireland

Web: www.weeeireland.ie
Email: info@weeeireland.ie

Apple Online Store Collection Service

Apple collects your old equipment at your doorstep when you buy a new Apple product via the online store.

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International Recycling Programmes

We operate or participate in recycling programmes in these regions:
Europe, Africa, the Middle East and India
Asia Pacific and Australia
Brazil and Costa Rica USA and Canada

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