Give apps, music and more.

iTunes Gift Cards let you give prepaid credit on the world’s biggest digital store for the hottest apps, music, films and more.

iTunes Gift Cards

Thousands of ways to make
iPad even better.

With more coming every day.

App Store.

Treat someone to an iTunes Gift Card and they can shop for thousands of amazing apps made just for iPad. They’re easy to find on the App Store in iTunes with their own section, in every category.

Plus you'll find nearly 250,000 apps for iPhone and iPod touch. And iPad works with just about all of them.

See the App Store in action.

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Apps made for iPad.

All apps for iPad are designed to make the most of the large iPad display, Multi-Touch screen and powerful processor. There are thousands of new apps to discover now on the App Store. And this is just the beginning.

Discover music, films and more.

With Wi-Fi access and one tap of the iTunes icon, you can discover new music, films to buy or rent, TV programmes, and podcasts. Then download it all wirelessly, right to your iPad. Wherever you happen to be.

Some features and applications are not available in all areas. Application availability and pricing are subject to change.