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Marbotic Deluxe Learning Kit

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Deluxe Learning Kit

Deluxe Learning Kit

A drone camera is filming a father and a daughter playing on a table in their backyard. The camera coming closer we see that they are playing with Marbotic's Deluxe Learning Kit on their iPad. The girl stamps numbers on the screen as the countdown goes on.

[App's voice]

8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Close-up on the daughter's hand pushing a fake red button on a DIY cardboard keybord.

[The girl]

Lift off

Original footage of Apollo XI's launch

The girl wears a DIY cardboard austronaut's helmet. She is in a DIY cardboard spaceship.

Short stop-motion footage of a cardboard rocket flying in the sky

[The girl]

And here we go!

The girl wearing a DIY astronaut's outfit and her father wearing a football outfit (pretending it's an astronaut's one) are inside the DIY rocket piloting it.

Prepare for landing

[The father]

Roger that

The DIY rocket has landed in a backyard, the girl is exiting the spaceship, wearing her astronaut's outfit. She discovers the surrounding, as it's a new planet.

[The father]

That's one small step for kids, one giant leap for their imagination.

Close-up on the iPad and the toys: father and daughter stamp letters on the iPad to write "Hello". The app reads out loud the word "Hello".

[App's voice]


Father plants a flag on the ground.

Father and daughter are playing in the backyard, collecting stars that are hidden all around the place.

[The father]

Hey Major Lisa, how many did you find?

Close-up on the iPad and the toys: the girl plays with Marbotic's app to do an addition and count her stars.

[App's voice]

Four plus two equals six

A cute monster shows up, this is the father playing with a puppet. The father gives the puppet to the daughter. She's happy and laughs.

[The girl]

Who's there?

Close-up on the iPad and the toys: the girl plays with Marbotic's app to discover the phonics "m" and the word "monster".

[App's voice]

MMmmmmm, Monster.

[The girl]

Hi monster!

Dusk is coming. we see father and daughter in their regular outfit playing with the Deluxe Learning Kit in their backyard. The girl takes the Deluxe Learning Kit's box by the handle and walks.

[The father]

The journey has begun, be ready, be curious, it's so much fun!

  • Overview

    Marbotic Deluxe Learning Kit helps children learn to read and count using wooden toys that interact with apps on an iPad. It’s as easy as A, B, C — or 1, 2, 3. Simply download the seven Marbotic apps, “stamp” a wooden letter or number on the iPad screen, and the learning begins almost magically.

    Learn to read

    Four apps expose kids to different aspects of reading. Alphamonster helps them discover the alphabet and sing phonics. Vocabubble reveals hundreds of words with beautiful illustrations. BlaBlaBox lets kids “stamp” words on the iPad screen and then hear the iPad pronounce them. Lil Reader begins the process of reading words and complete sentences.

    Learn about numbers

    Three counting apps introduce a variety of mathematics concepts. 10 Fingers teaches counting up to ten while developing fine motor skills. Up to 100 lets kids play with units and tens to build numbers up to 100. More or Less involves manipulating beads to learn addition and subtraction.


    An effective blend of digital and wooden toys that engage body and mind

    Created with teachers and inspired by the Montessori method

    Progressive method that reinforces autonomy and self-confidence

    Wooden toys beautifully crafted for years of play

    Ready to use and 100 per cent safe for kids — no Bluetooth, no Wi-Fi, no battery

    Available in a wide variety of languages

    What’s in the Box

    10 interactive wooden numbers

    26 interactive wooden letters (lowercase)

    Wooden cabinet including three sliding trays

    User guide

    Tech Specs

    Height: 23 cm / 9.06 in

    Length: 31.4 cm / 2.36 in

    Width: 14 cm / 5.51 in

    Weight: 3.36 kg / 7.41 lb

    System Requirements

    Operating System: iOS 9 or later

    Manufacturer Information

    Part Number

    UPC or EAN No.: 3770005884116


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