how do you reboot apple tv

My TV box is no longer responding to the remote. I can't swith it on - not sure why this just happened

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  • Unplug it! Then plug it back it in and let it COMPLETELY finish it's restart procedure (you'll know it's done when your icons appear on your screen).

    See if your remote is working. If not, follow instructions to "Pair" the remote and the Apple TV.

    Then, just to make sure everything is copacetic, I suggest that you go to "Settings", select "System" and restart the system once again. I'm not smart enough to know the difference between the "power up" restart and the restart initiated through "Settings" (other than one is a "hard" restart and the other is via tvOS software), I just have learned that on the rare occasion that one of my Apple TVs hang up, it's just my opinion that by doing both, you get a more complete result.

    If you haven't added a lot of apps or done a lot of moving the icons around, you might want to "Reset" instead of "Restart" -- the difference is that if you "Reset", you might have to reload any apps you've added, or, reaccomplish any arrangement of icons that you've already done once.

    Good luck! It's pretty straightforward and will only take a couple of minutes.

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