Will future iPhones work with wired earbud/headsets due to the lack of phone jack?

Many people use either non-Apple wired earpods and headsets for high quality sound. I have already tried the AirPods in an Apple store and find that there is absolutely no comparison in the sound quality. There is simply too much external noise which one can hear using the AirPods. After trying the AirPods I put my wired earbuds back in and the sound quality was very noticeable. I have had Apple phones ever since the iPhone 4 and never used the packaged Apple earpods. The major reason I have not upgraded my current iPhone 6s is primarily due to sound quality, stability in the ear, and having another device to ensure they are sufficiently charged to consider. One additional reason for not using AirPods is due to lack of a loop which goes around or inside the ear on many wired earpods to keep them securely in place while jogging or in the gym. Sorry Apple, but another dongle to worry about is not the ideal "workaround". As well, with the slightly increased size of the newer phones identifies a reason for retaining the jack, and I have never have had to consider waterproofing a device. I know many others who have this as a major issue for not upgrading their iPhones. I am used to change, but changing to something which creates the issues identified above is definitely a reason for Apple to reconsider including the jack as has existed in all previous iPhones. I should clarify that I am not suggesting that the AirPods be eliminated for those that do not require quality sound.

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