Will this work with a late 2013 Macbook Pro?

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    Unfortunately it will not. The only 2 computers cable of powering this 5k display currently are the late 2016 13" MacBook Pro and late 2016 15" MacBook Pro.
    The only other Macs capable of driving a 5k display are the Late 2013 Mac Pro and the Late 2014 27" iMac 5k and bothe these require the use of two thunderbolt 2 ports. The Dell UP2715K 27-inch 5K display is the only 5k display that Apple "official" supports for these two computers.

    In Summary:
    The LG UltraFine 5k Display is only comparable with the following Macs:
    - 13" MacBook Pro (Late 2016) *supports the use of 1 5k LG display
    - 15" MacBook Pro (Late 2016) *supports the use of 1 or 2 5k LG displays

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  • I would just like to make an addendum to the very useful answer from another member. Although the LG UltraFIne 5k monitor does indeed work with the MAC PRO Late 2013 (not the MacBook Pro but the Desktop Cylinder) —and does so quite beautifully—there are three important qualifiers that any Mac Pro late 2013 owner should know about.

    1. It will require the $50 Apple Thunderbolt 3 to Thunderbolt 2 Adaptor PLUS a Thunderbolt 3 Type C Cable, because the Mac Pro has no type C inputs, and the monitor has no Thunderbolt Type 2 (Mini DisplayPort-shaped) outputs.

    2. The late 2013 Mac Pro will provide beautiful 4K but NOT 5k output on this monitor. ‘This is because Tnunderbolt 2 can’t supply the bandwidth in ine cable, and the LG UltraFIne can’t do dual-cable input.

    **3. IMPORTANT: Annoyingly, the LG Ultrafine 5K can ONLY be used as a “2nd Screen” for the late 2013 Mac Pro. It can’t display the text (including the repair module) that you get when underneath MacOS. READ THIS AGAIN PLEASE! If, for example, you need to boot into another Sector (such as Windows Boot Camp), or restore your image, or repair MacOS, or reinstall MacOS, or run a Unix routine or blow it all away and return to factory settings, you must have another monitor attached in order to display the text! I have no idea why this is so or why LG hasn’t provided ‘tis capability through a firmware update, but, in the words of Henry James, “there you are’ and there you will stay.

    IMPORTANT TOO: This NOT a hopeless handicap, as there are plenty of $99-$199 monitors that can provide you with the required text/screens—but you MUST have such a monitor attached in addition to the UltraFIne. I know all his because I bought the UltraFIne for my 2013 Mac Pro and LOVE it, but, annoyingly, must plod along with this Kludgy semi-hack. So do by all means indulge in his magnificent monitor, but unless you have an old HD or WQHD screen in your basement, factor in the cost of a “first screen” when making the purchase.**

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