How can you monitor your guitar playing if iPhone 7 has no headphone jack?

I want to buy the JAM 96k and the MiC 96k for use with an iPhone 7, but first I must know: If the iPhone 7 no longer has a headphone jack how are we supposed to monitor our vocals when using the MiC or monitor our guitar when using the JAM. I must be able to monitor the tracks while recording. Is there a solution? There is no such thing as a multi-female port lightning cable. And your MiC and JAM don't have lightning ports on them for daisy-chaining a set of headphones.

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    I can confirm Belkin's Rockstar adaptor does not enable a line out for effective use of the Apogee Jam.

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  • Apogee support had recommended the iPhone Lightning Dock as the only compatible splitter that would both pass data through the Lightning port and provide audio monitoring, but this appears to no longer be compatible.

    Jam 96K with firmware 2.1.0
    iPhone X with iOS 11.2.5
    iPhone Lightning Dock

    The Jam's light is solid blue initially. When phone is first docked (or an audio app opened, e.g. GarageBand, AmpKit), the light flashes green a couple of times and then turns off entirely.

    Pretty frustrating to not be able to the Jam with my new phone. I'm pinning this on Apple. If they're going to eliminate the 3.5mm jack, they've really got to step up and provide a path forward to a low-latency audio interface with existing devices. And one that doesn't tie up the Lightning port.

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  • I contacted the support team at Apogee about the Apogee Jam 96K, I asked if there was a way to get audio out from the iPhone 7 using an adapter or dock. They do not know, they do not support it, and evidently have not tested it. Has anyone with a Jam 96K successfully tested audio output with iphone 7 and a dock or adapter?

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  • If you look at Belkin's reviews on their website, it's reported that the Rockstar adapter doesn't allow data passthrough. Apple's own dock MIGHT work, though the awkwardness of having it attached is still an issue. I wonder it's possible to dismantle the dock and lay it all flat so i don't have to worry about snapping off that connector. I don't believe there is anything technically preventing an adapter that supports the daisy-chaining that lightning is capable of...but nothing has been announced.

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  • Apples lightning dock works perfect for monitoring with Jam96.

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  • On the positive side, the iPhone 7 has a great processor and there is almost zero latency in effect, plus the second speaker makes casual jamming sound better. It's still an issue though. We'll have to see what the Belkin connector does. I don't know whether Lightning protocol supports the kind of hubbing that USB does. I've read that Lightning is a linear, daisy-chain protocol.

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  • I imagine that a pair of bluetooth earbuds or headphones would work to monitor the audio from the Apogee Jam.

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