How do I wire it up? Do I put it in the same place as my old regular thermostat, using the same wires that run back to my boiler?

Netatmo Thermostat (HomeKit Edition)

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    It's pretty straightforward really. If your existing thermostat is a wired type, you simply replace it with the included thermostat.
    You then plug the wireless relay into a standard AC wall socket, the plug adapter is included. The app on your phone or iPad will then in a couple of simple steps detect the devices, set them up for your WiFi network and you're good to go.

    If your existing thermostat is a wireless type it's a little bit more involved but still very simple, much of the procedure is the same. With the exception being that the Wireless Relay part of the kit isn't plugged into a wall socket.
    Instead it is wired directly into your boiler. It's an easy process with just four wires. Two, which are connected to the mains electricity connectors of the boiler, to power the Wireless Relay.
    The other two wires are connected to the thermostat points in the boiler, you simply disconnect the two wires which will already be connected inside your boiler (which would be for your current thermostat) and replace them with the other two wires from the Wireless Thermostat.

    It might sound a bit overly complicated but honestly it really isn't. If you can wire a plug up, you can likely do this in less than an hour.

    I even managed to devise a way to get my warm air boiler connected to it. The manufacturers say it's not compatible and fair enough if you stick to their way of doing things it wouldn't be. But a little bit of outside the box thinking and I have it up and running perfectly, in a simple, elegant and most importantly, safe way. Though the vast majority of heating systems won't be so awkward as my boiler.***

    ***(Of course as a disclaimer I would say, don't do this at home kiddies, if you don't really know what you're doing. I'm an ex-engineer so I'm comfortable looking over the schematics to find an entry point to modify. If you're not sure, consult a professional.)

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