Does it work on an iPhone X

I’m thinking of getting this but I don’t know if my iPhone X will fit in it

Gamevice Controller for 9.7-inch iPad Pro/iPad/iPad Air 2

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  • We have found that the iPhone X is fully compatible with the Gamevice for iPhone, GV157. You can read about this topic in this comprehensive blog post on the subject on the Gamevice website:

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    I was stupid and went to the Apple store today and bought one for my X without trying to make sure it would fit first. The commercials that show them fitting must be edited because they have a screen protector on in those and fit however I had one on couldn't fit. I took the darn thing off thinking maybe its a millimeter too thick or something. Big mistake. It will scratch your phone if you try to push it in even though it's supposed to be a snug fit and the store rep who sold it to me wouldn't take accountability for promoting and selling me this product that doesn't work with my device. I brought it back to the store and asked him to show me with one of the floor models and even he couldn't do it. They gave me a full refund but it doesn't change the fact that it doesn't go back on my card for a week or so.

    I wish you luck finding one that fits. If I find something I'll let you know.
    (By the way that's my fiancés name. Otherwise I never would have written this as its my first review ever. Sad that it had to be a negative one)

    ~ Nikolai

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  • Gamevice for iPhone does work with the iPhone X!

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