D-Link Omna 180 Cam HD - data immediately saved on iCloud?


I am interested in purchasing the D-Link Omna 180 Cam HD. Before I make a decision, I have some questions:

1. I read that data is saved on a SD card. However, is video data also readily transferred to an iCloud account? (To which, I can readily view on my iPhone?) Seems to me that if there is only the availability of local video data storage a SD card in the camera, well, then any burglar with a slight tech background would know to take the SD card or actually the camera with him....

2. With regard to the OMNA app for the iPhone, are snapshots taken, i.e. when motion is detected? Do I receive an immediate warning on my iPhone? Needless to say, the quicker an intruder is detected and pictured, the quicker I can inform the police. Also, having a clear, high quality picture of the intruder would greatly assist in further criminal prosecutions.

I would like to have answers as I seriously want to provide further security to my house (break-ins here are on the increase) and the camera is expensive.

I don't want a clever toy, I want effective, quality, fast security.

Thanks for any advice you can give,

Garry Paton

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    I have the same questions as you as I am considering purchasing the device. Here's what I was able to learn by searching on D-Link's website in the support section for the product "DSH-C310" and viewing the FAQs. Apple won't let me provide the URLs.

    1. Regarding the storage of recorded video onto iCloud, I found the following on D-Link's website:

    "Apple currently does not support cloud recording via the HomeKit ecosystem for security reasons, so there is currently no way to record video from any HomeKit camera to the cloud. D-Link does not currently offer any alternative cloud recording mechanism, other than a microSD card slot on the camera. You can configure motion detection-based recording which will be automatically saved to a microSD card inserted into the card slot. Recorded video clips can be played back on mobile devices using the Omna app, or the microSD card can be removed from the device and read using a computer."

    I'd thought it really stupid that a security camera only records video to the camera itself and could not understand why they can't record to iCloud. There's the answer. The camera manufacturer can't do it as Apple won't let them. If you want to record to cloud, you'll have to get a camera that includes a subscription to that camera's cloud-based storage system.

    2. Regarding triggering on motion detection, here's what their website says:

    "The 180 Cam HD’s motion detection feature can trigger alerts when it detects movement within its field of view. This detection can produce a notification on your mobile device, trigger local recording to a microSD card, or initiate an automation policy. Motion detection is turned on by default in both the Omna and Home apps."

    The answer includes instructions with screenshots showing how it is done.

    Best Regards,

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