How does this equipment actually adapt an iPhone to the TTY's primary function of sending/receiving text in telephone medium?

I.e., does this adapter allow those who are deaf or have a hearing impairment to type from their iPhone directly to another TTY (as usually a TTY user would type directly to another TTY user)?

Other information regarding this device seems to mention audio input/output, but clearly if you are deaf, that isn't necessarily be a very helpful option. Since the object of TTYs is to infact eliminate the need for hearing during the conversation, just wondering exactly how this adapter works.

Any responses appreciated - thanks!

Apple iPhone TTY Adapter

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    No. A cell phone that is TTY compatible (like iPhone) must still plug into a TTY unit. All TTY units plug into a phone line, but some also plug into the 3.5mm jack of a cell phone. This adapter just allows the 3-ring TTY plug to work with the recessed 4-ring iPhone jack.

    But with all the apps out there, there may be one for TTY emulation that would allow you to type directly from the iphone's keyboard to another TTY. After all, TTY isn't much more than than ancient IM-type communication with extremely low speed (45.5 Hz?).

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  • There are many different standards; however one of the most popular is the Baudot code. This is a protocol that implements asynchronously at either 45.5 or 50 bauds. Baudot is one of the more popular protocols that are used in America. Other types of protocols include V.18, DTMF, EDT, and V.23.

    V.18 is an extremely popular dual standard protocol. It not only includes the ability to be used for V.18 transmissions, but is also an umbrella protocol that can be used for a wide variety of other TTY/TDD protocols. This protocol is also works with ASCII and half duplex modulation methods, making it very easy to interface with a computer and modem.

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  • Have not tried my cellular TTY with iPhone, but to further another persons answer, there is a free app that lets you use IP Relay over WiFi but I don't know if that works with an attached TTY or not.

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