Can two mac air be hard wired on a thunderbolt to gigabit ethernet adapter?

Context of question: a hotel room anywhere where wifi is available along with a rj-45 internet source.

Hotel Wifi is unreliable, usually costs extra $$, is slower, and may have to be re-initiated at each connection time, in other words a big hassle; plus, like clockwork, it bogs down at peak use in the time zone you are in.

Users are two Mac Air and iPhone users.

The question is: from the single hotel rj-45 cable how do you hardwire the two Mac and establish a mifi for the two iphones, using existing Apple or Apple-compatible products?

Notes: I see 2 to 1 Cat 6 splitters available; I do not see Thunderbolt splitters; I see Airport Express has two ethernet ports, plus a usb port...

Thank you

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    I would get the thunderbolt to ethernet adapter to connect the first MacBook Air to the hotel's internet via ethernet.

    You could then get the USB to ethernet adapter and plug that into the first MacBook Air and go into settings and share your internet connection (from thunderbolt-ethernet) to USB-ethernet and with a 2nd USB-ethernet adapter for the 2nd MacBook Air connect the two MacBook airs with an ethernet cable.

    Practically speaking it'd be better to connect the first MacBook Air to the hotel's ethernet (via the thunderbolt to ethernet adapter) and then in Settings "Share" your internet connection via the Airport (built in to the first MacBook Air) - this creates a wireless (and password protected, if you'd like) wireless network that you can connect the 2nd MacBook Air and iPhones to.

    Another option is to connect an AirportExpress to the hotel's ethernet and create a wireless hotspot for all devices to connect to.

    Most hotels do not have super high-speed ethernet internet access so the benefits of hard wiring the devices is probably not really worth pursuing, but technically doable with several adapters (as outlined above).

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  • It is quite a difficult question to answer, however, you may wish to consider using a wireless access point, such as that from Netgear. You can find quite a few today, that offer a built in functionality to offer a wired connection from these switches to multiple devices. Of course, the wireless access point would also provide a wifi connection for your iPhones.

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