Is it better to get the adapter or just buy a new Magsafe 2 power supply?

I've got a brand new 2012 Macbook Air. Given my travels, I definitely need an extra power supply. I have some extra original Magsafe supplies (85W). I'm trying to decide if it will be better to get the adapter or get a new power supply.

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    My advice would be to buy one of these due to the extreme difference in cost. Use one of your old chargers plugged in to your desk at home (or wherever you normally charge at home) with this adapter.

    Save your new adapter for "mobile" use... take it with you when you travel.

    I have my old, original magsafe adapter that came with my Jan 2006 macbook pro plugged in at my desk at home. It's lasted so long simply because it stays in that one location and never moves. So leave your old charger at home with the magsafe adapter since the old one is more likely to fail if you continue to use/abuse it (simply because it's older).

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  • The adapters work well in my experience (I manage about 200 Macs as an IT guy and use Macs myself as well) and are a good way to save some $$ and also keep using your old power supplies.

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