2009 iMac and USB superdrive?

The internal superdrive in my 24-inch, Early 2009 iMac w/2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor has stopped working reliably (and most times, has stopped working at all). Was hoping that adding this external USB superdrive would keep my system limping along, however looking at the system requirements seems to have dashed my dreams of being able to continue to use my iMac in the manner for which it was purchased. Would like to know if I am out of luck here, or is there an alternative?

Apple USB SuperDrive

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    I just added a usb superdrive to my 2009 iMac 24", and like the others it did not work, as for the reasons given.
    it seems that they only work with some macs.
    Well looking round the net i found information on things to try nothing worked.

    I then found a bit on a sudo command you put in with terminal.

    ok your new superdrive dvd/cd rom want work on you mac?

    it seems apple made this drive but its not back ward comparable with all macs.
    Im told it works with 4 macs, that shipped without internal dvd/cd rom and a mac mini or two..

    Well I found this in terminal type

    sudo nvram boot-args="mbasd=1" Hit return

    I rebooted my iMac and as the iMac was starting up it took the DVD that I had been trying to put in but all it did was push it back out.
    Now with this little line of code script my USB superdrive is now working just fine.
    I don't know much about this script code apart from what I read on the net, all I know it worked for me with no trouble I have wrote a few DVDS and wrote to a few re-writable CD and DVD with out any thing bad

    hope it helps some of you out.

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  • I purchased one for exactly the same reason but it did not work. As stated on the packing it is only for Macs that come without their own superdrive. e.g. the macbook air.
    I found a copy USB cd/dvd drive on ebay that does work with any computer although the disc has trouble getting out of the slot without the aid of some slight downward pressure on the lower edge of the slot. Not ideal but it is a temporary fix.

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