Has anyone used this with slideshark? Can you use notes view and have just the slide view projected, or does it ONLY mirror the ipad?

SlideShark app allows for a "notes view", where I am supposed to be able to see my notes on my ipad, but audience only sees the actual "slide view". I want to know if anybody else has tried this. Does it work?

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    SlideShark gives you the option to view your PowerPoint presentation (including all graphics and animations) in full screen or in a notes view where you can see the slide notes, a roll of upcoming slides and a window showing the slide playing through with all the animations (still controlled by clicks/taps), a bit like presenter view on PowerPoint. When you connect your iPad to a second monitor, the second monitor will only ever show the full screen presentation show, but you have the option on the iPad to have a mirror (full screen) or presenter view. You can't see the SlideShark menu on the second screen either, so you can move between different presentations really easily.

    For me, it's a superb app and one of the main reasons for getting an iPad. It works really seamlessly, and you can use your iPhone or iPod Touch as a remote too, so you don't even need to hold the iPad.

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  • Barbara, this works very well. As a presenter you have a timer, a scroll bar with all slides, a slide preview and notes. It is similar to the "presenter view" in PowerPoint. And yes, the audience only sees the main slide (and a laser pointer or annotations if you choose).

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  • Not only does SlideShark do exactly what you said: it shows the user the full screen view of the slide while the author can view the notes. But it has so many other helpful features for the presenter - A timer to ensure the appropriate amount of time is spent on each slide and the presentation as a whole, the ability to annotate slides by drawing on the iPad, a counter of the number of animations remaining. One of the best features for my company is the Broadcast that allows the presenter to use their iPad with SlideShark just like a Webex-type meeting so others can join remotely via PC or tablet and view the presentation as if they were in the room.

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  • It does work Barbara! Just like with the traditional PPT functionality where only the presenter sees the notes, as is the same with SlideShark. Check it out and have fun!

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  • The audience will only see slide view and not your notes. This is app is the only one I have found that keeps Powerpoint animations like I want them.

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  • Barbara,

    You hit the nail on the head. The functionality works as you described it. I use it on the go for meetings to showcase new and older presentations. It is effective in a way that people aren't stuck listening to you the entire time! Enjoy it!

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  • Barbara,

    The app works just like you've described in your question. You can view the notes on your iPad, while the audience sees only the full slides. Additionally, you can jump from one slide to another in your presentation as needed. Hope this helps!

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  • Hi Barbara,

    Yes it works! Slideshark is AWESOME! Hope it helps you with your presenting going forward!

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  • I have used it in a number of presentations. I have connected my iPad to the projector and used my iPhone as a remote. You can set it up to see the presentation and notes from your iPad while others only see the actual slides. It does work. You can also use your iPhone to navigate to specific slides as well.

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  • It works just like power point, it is a great app!

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  • Yes! It works great - if you're familiar with webex, it's like the presenter view where your audience sees only your slides, but you can keep an eye on notes, etc. There's a Brainshark ideas blog from May 2012 that shows how to use the feature.

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