How many hours does it take to charge it fully ? How many hours can my iPhone 7 work when charged with it ? How many times can it charge my iPhone 7 ?

Apple 12W USB Power Adapter

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  • I mean, charging is basically connecting your device to a external power supply and to both recharge the battery that is within the product and provide power for the circuitry.
    Because the fact that the current is diverted (sort of) into both the circuitry and the battery, the power consumption and the strength of the current is the factors affecting the charge rate. I have an iPad Air 2, and when I am not using (no background && device locked), it will charge at roughly 1.5% for every 2 min. I expect it to be faster in phones, since they have a smaller consumption of energy and battery. A Phone, if managed correctly, should recharge a solid 2% for at most 3 minute passed. So, to full charge it (from 10%), you need almost exactly 90 minute. When you are using? I don't know. I mean, I have situations when the percentage of the battery drops when it is connected to the charger. Reason is because I was using a very energy consuming 3D program. After I stop using it (and turned it off in background), and in the next minute, the battery percentage jumped 1% up.
    Apple have a full article just on charging of batteries, just search for battery + performance.

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