How do you sign a document on an iPad Pro with this pencil?

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    No third party apps are required.

    More than likely someone has emailed you a document to sign. Just simply open that document in the mail app and choose the little tool that looks like a suitcase. Your document will now be visible with a number of tools across the bottom including a signature tool and a pencil tool. When you hit done you can then send the email back to the person who sent it to you. Your document will have your signature.

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  • Tap and hold (leave your finger or Pencil) on the PDF for a second or two. A menu will appear. Select 'Markup and Reply' - this is a toolbox icon with rounded upper corners. Then you'll be able to sign the document. You'll be able to change the color and thickness of your digital ink by using the toolbar at the bottom of the document.

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  • It is easy....

    1- Open document that you have to sign on
    2- Click on: Share Icon (Little square with arrow point north in)
    3- Click on: Créate PDF (Little square with PDF letters inside it)
    4- Click on: Save as (Where)
    5- Go to the site you have to send that document. Example: gmail, hotmail, etc

    6- Click on: Add attachments
    Click on: Browse
    Select the location where you saved that document and select you file and add it
    Click on: Send

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  • Those who say you don't need a specific app are correct. I got several apps, none of which were great, as I was learning how to do this. It's really simple, no app required.

    If a PDF comes in email, all you do is hold your finger on it a couple of seconds and either a circle like a magnifying glass will appear, or a set of options will appear.

    If the circle appears, you can sign directly. If the set of options appears, tap on QUICK LOOK, on the lower row. Now you can use the pencil to sign.

    Then, in that same set of options, scroll to the right and more options will appear, including email.

    If the document isn't a PDF, one of the answers here explains how to convert it to PDF so you can sign it.

    Couldn't be easier. And all the hours I spent stewing in the past trying to make apps work when they weren't needed at all!

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  • You need a specific app. There are a few good ones like Sign Easy. I was able to sign documents in this app with my air 2 with my Adonit Jot Dash stylus. I also use it with my iPad Pro 9.7"

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