Are the HD's in this module Enterprise level HD's?  Such as the Seagate Constellation series drives?

  • Asked by fn from Etobicoke
PROMISE Pegasus R Series SATA Drive Module

PROMISE Pegasus R Series SATA Drive Module

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    I called Promise Tech support and they verified that the drive in their module is a consumer class drive. If you want to upgrade your drives to 3TB yourself, you can buy a Seagate Barracuda Model ST3000DM001. It is approved according to a the "Pegasus R4 / R6 First Release Compatibility List, Version 1.5" I found on Promises support site. They list two 3TB drives (both the same model number above). One is a regular Barracuda Firmware CC4H, the other is a Barracuda (Blackpoint) Firmware CC43.

    • Answered by Thomas M from New York
  • Definitely not which is somewhat surprising. I have an R2 6 configure with 6 2TB Drive (raid 5). Less than two years later I have replace two of the drives. Unfortunately there are no choices out there for reliable raid drives with a thunderbolt interface. I have a newer MacPro so internal expansion is impossible with the only choice being attached storage.

    • Answered by Thomas S from Cedar Knolls