Cable to connect macbook to stereo

I would like to connect my mac book to my hi-fi/stereo so that i can play i-tunes through the hi-fi/stereo speakers.

On my stereo i have a digital optical in or phone -in

  • Asked by fn from Xxxxxx
Mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI Adapter

Mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI Adapter

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    If you have a decent stereo receiver, and considering that you have digital optical input, you do, the digital input will give you the best quality. You will need to buy a toslink to mini cable. A quick search for toslink to mini toslink will find you one.
    Both the headphone jack on your macbook and the line out on an airport express double as digital optical outputs. If you have your computer set up next to the stereo you can just plug it in from the headphone jack to your digital optical input. Otherwise, if you want a wireless connection, you can buy an airport express, which basically sets itself up for mac, either as a new wireless network or an access point on an existing network. You can plug this unit in next to your stereo and run the toslink cable from the output of the airport express to your digital optical input.
    Please don't connect anything to your phono input other than a record player. If you do, you risk damage to your system.

    • Answered by Joseph A from Fort Collins
  • Have you looked at the airport express? You can connect it to your hi-fi with a 1.5mm jack cable and they wirelessly stream music from your laptop via itunes.

    • Answered by Stewart C