Do you sell other colors?

I’m lookin to buy a set and i have seen other colors like gunmetal, red, and white but i looked at your site and i only saw matte black as an option. Do you sell any other colors? Did you stop producing them or what?

  • Asked by fn from Crouse
Beats Pro Over-Ear Headphones

Beats Pro Over-Ear Headphones

Product No Longer Available

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  • They don't sell the Beats Pros in different colors, but Beats also makes the Solo3 and Studio3. The closest thing your'e going to get to the Beats Pro is the Beats Studio 3. They are over-ear headphones that come in Matte Black, Blue, Red, White, Porcelain Rose, and Shadow Gray. They also feature Bluetooth and 22 Hours of battery life.

    • Answered by Braydon B from Saratoga Springs